10 Nov, 2013


2013 - Specialized AA XC MTB Festival - Chi Ma Wan, Lantau, Hong Kong

 10 Nov, 2013
 Chi Ma Wan, Lantau, Hong Kong Mountain Bike

Course 比賽路線

 Ferry schedule to get from HK to Mui Wo



Before the start make sure you pop by the registration area at Chi Ma Wan Shap Long Kau Tsuen big arch to register yourself before riding down the road to the beach start at Chi Ma Wan Bay around 2km away. Please use the public toilets everyone and not in the bush as we don't want to upset the locals. The idea is too spread everyone out on the road going back to the registration area at Shap Long Kau Tsuen, before riding to the back of the campsite area which AFCD has kindly opened up for a special one off basis for this race only so everyone please say THANK YOU to AFCD when you see them at the race.

Dirt single track most of the way after this as once at back of campsite area, cross river stream and take Lands Dept single track all the way around the contour for next 1km passing the usual downhill junction trail (the trail on left leads to Shap Long Chung Hau) and keep going straight on contour trail that comes out on Correctional Institute land around 100m before the reservoir. Turn right here and up to reservoir, cross reservoir, up short 10m stair case and stay on single track staying right at next junction, then another right turn at Lung Mei (Dragon tail statue) then single track staying always right at next 2 main junctions until you are back at Shap Long Kau Tsuen registration area. This will be one lap and those only doing 12km are finished, but the 24km riders (2 loops) keep going right thru camp site area (don't forget to thank AFCD) and keep riding same single track route around course again finishing in Shap Long Kau Tsuen.


Please yell out "Passing on your left" as example if trying to get by someone and show consideration passing bikers and especially any hikers as this is a country park where all must "Share the trails".