07 Feb, 2015


2015 - MSIG Sai Kung 50 - HK50 Series - MSIG 西貢 50

  07 Feb, 2015
  Sai Kung, Hong Kong   Trail hike and run options

Rules & Regulations 規則與條款

Official Rules & Regulations


1. Race number to be worn on FRONT of you. NOT on your back. All logos of sponsors must be shown on race number at all times and no alteration of race number allowed or face race time penalty.

2. No throwing any garbage of any kind on trail.

3. No water bottles at checkpoints so you must bring your own hydration system (min 1.5 litre capacity) with water bottle or bladder for refill.

4. Should you drop out you must notify the nearest checkpoint and leave your race number or face emergency rescue costs bill for looking for you.

5. You must stay on marked course and no short cutting is allowed or result in disqualification.

6. Race Director has final say on all matters.