06 Apr-08 Apr, 2018


2018 - Lugu Lake - Lijiang Yunnan Action Asia 3 day Ultra 60/100km

  06 Apr-08 Apr, 2018
  Yunnan Sichuan, China   Trail hike and run options

Overview 精華片段

New exciting area that Action Asia Events has not been to before. Room for a few more, but please make sure you have been doing some hiking.

Located on the North West Yunnan plateau near Sichuan this new mountain region is inhabited by many minority ethnic groups, such as the Mosuo, Yi, Norzu, Pumi and Tibetans.

The course will have both a 60km (20km/20km/20km) option and 100km (40km/40km/20km) option. Elevation each day ranges from 2700m - 3400m for 100km and 2700m - 3200m for 60km.