15 Apr, 2018

23 Days

2018 - Bonaqua C3fit Action SPRINT Trail Series SAI KUNG, Hong Kong

  15 Apr, 2018
  Sai Kung, Hong Kong   Trail run and hiking options

Course 比賽路線

2018 Action SPRINT Trail Run - Saikung 

12 km (12.2)

Elevation gain 597m, elevation loss 594m, total gain/loss 1058m, min elevation 3m, max elevation 384m.

Pak Tam Chung - Tai Mong Tsai Rd - Sai Kung Sai Wan Rd CP -  Lok Wu Trail (293m) - Pak Tam Rd - Tai Mong Tsai Rd - Pak Tam Chung

Water checkpoint: Total 1 (CP1 - 5km - Sai Wan Rd around 100m before Pagoda at Lok Wu Trail turn). - Bonaqua water in carboys - no cup policy so PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN bottle or hydration system for refill and be green to reduce plastic)
at CP1 water timing station (5km) 1 hr 30min.


Finish Line - Bonaqua in carboys - please bring your own bottle or hydration system for refill

Total course cut-off - 4 hours

Map - click download pdf on left side of this page.

Course description: (First 5km is private country park road, then next 5.5km is dirt trail and comination of technical track and stone stairs and smooth trail with last around 1.5km on road - suitable for all type of runners/fast hikers)

Course pics on facebook https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153658259937807.1073742038.269343042806&type=1

DON’T THROW ANY GARBAGE ON THE COURSE. Result in disqualification if caught. Lets all keep Hong Kong and our beautiful country parks clean.

What to do if an accident on the course

There is an emergency rescue safety radio team around the course and marshals with mobile phones, together with medical first aid at the main entrance finish area. If you see someone who is in obvious need of help please stay with them and ask the next person who passes you to request for help to the next marshal on course and let them know the competitor number/name if possible and what kind of injury it is. (I.e. broken ankle, twisted knee, injured arm, life threatening, etc). The person you ask to get help should continue along the course to the first available marshal and tell them the location of the injured person. The marshal they contact will phone, radio or SMS the emergency headquarters who will dispatch someone to come out. Depending on the seriousness and location of where on the course this could be someone walking/running, car even helicopter depending on seriousness. If at finish line and injured they may call an ambulance or even a taxi and tell you to go to the Hospital to be treated.

Safety Briefing before the race

There will be a short briefing 10 minutes before the race at the start area. This is to highlight issues above and any other new forgotten issues. If any competitors have issues that think should be raised that are not in this newsletter, please email them to us at enquires@actionasiaevents.com with “safety briefing” as the headline and we will view your comments.

Course map, race signage and ribbon marking

There is a map of the course uploaded as an attachment on left side of this page. We request all competitors to print out the map and bring with them in case they get lost or better find time to do a course recce before race date. Their will be Action Asia (AAE) arrow signs with left, right, straight ahead arrows around at all intersections of the race course together with orange ribbons hanging from fences/tree branches on any confusing intersections to guide you the correct way. There will be little markings once you are on the trail or road until you reach the next intersection. If you pass any junctions where there are no ribbons please backtrack to the last juntion that you saw ribbons and look around as you should not go forward if you are lost.

Average Time Expected

1.5 hrs – 2.5 hrs

Past Sai Kung Course Winners (when river gullies were included - NOT included 2016 now due to new AFCD govt guidelines) - So expect faster times.

May 2005 - Mark Williams - 1:17:02 (slightly longer river start)
Mar 2006 - Gary Mandy - 1:17:56 (slightly longer river start)
Apr 2007 - Wong Wai Kin - 1:25:22 (slightly longer river start)
Mar 2008 - Jeremy Ritcey - 1:16:14
Apr 2009 - Clement Dumont - 1:20:00
Apr 2010 - Jeremy Ritcey - 1:24:49
Apr 2011 - Clement Dumont - 1:14:25
Apr 2012 - Clement Dumont - 1:17:28
Apr 2013 - Romain Riche - 1:21:33
May 2014 - Romain Riche - 1:32:06
Mar 2015 - Santosh Tamang - 1:17:50
Apr 2016 - Vlad Ixel - 00:58:30
May 2017 - Brian McFlyn - 1:02:23

May 2005 - Kei Bun Kin - 1:52:06 - (slightly longer river start)
Mar 2006 - Rebecca Climie - 1:51:40 (slightly longer river start)
Apr 2007 - Jeanette Holmes-Thomson - 1:40:27 (slightly longer river start)
Mar 2008 - Claire Chapman - 1:36:16
Apr 2009 - Claire Chapman– 1:43:23
Apr 2010 - Juliane Rethfeldt– 1:46:38
Apr 2011 - Nadia Koucha - 1:44:09
Apr 2012 - Zein Williams - 1:44:22
Apr 2013 - Claire Chapman - 1:39:24
May 2014 - Zein Williams -1:43:36
Mar 2015 - Zein Williams -1:33:22
Apr 2016 - Zein Willliams - 1:12:46
May 2017 - Sherrin Loh - 1:15:22

Course Designer  - Designed by Michael Maddess who has worked on over 190 events.


Please be considerate and turn your music down so you can hear others approaching. See rules & regulations tab on this page. If you must pass someone please yell, “passing on your left” or “passing on your right”. If someone is passing you please be considerate and let them overtake you. No pushing and shoving please.

How much water / sport drink to start with??? RECOMMEND SPORT DRINK AS SODIUM INSIDE TO REDUCE CRAMPING but experiment first as some like only mineral water.

You must bring your own drinks to start with so recommend:

1 - 1.5 liters of water or sport drink– If you plan on walking the course bring at least 2-3 gels and maybe 1 energy bar.

Hydration on Friday & Saturday BEFORE RACE DAY

Recommend stay well hydrated 2 days leading up to race - drink lots of water the day before the race. Don’t just drink water but get minerals / electrolytes in your body as well.

Food on Friday & Saturday BEFORE RACE DAY

Recommend starting carbo-loading at least 48 hours before the race and not just waiting until the night before. AVOID MEAT THE NIGHT BEFORE as takes more than 24 hours to fully digest and will make you feel sluggish. Try to have a good breakfast (banana oatmeal, rice, etc) at least 2-3 hours before the start of the race in order for good digestion.

Garbage on the course


Where is the finish line?

Same as start line. Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung, NT, Hong Kong
Where to buy food after the race

There is a noodle stand that sells drinks, basic food items at the country park entrance 100m away from start. If you take bus/taxi 20minutes into Sai Kung town there are numerous restaurants, bars, stores to choose from.

Sunscreen and Clothing

Recommend using sunscreen on back of neck, shoulders, face and arms as in any kind of weather you can get burnt.

Shirts - Recommend wearing lightweight singlet or the official quick dry material singlet given out at registration if you have paid and registered before the race. Quick dry material will dry fast when wet.

Shorts - Normal running shorts are fine. See running short specials at Action X Store www.actionxstore.com (Causeway Bay, Sheung Wan, Discovery Bay) as all get discount after entering race. Go recce the course and find out which is best for you.

http://www.actionxstore.com has good prices

Hong Kong stores:

Action X - Sheung Wan
G/F, 28 Bonham Strand
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Store Hours :
*MTR Exit: Sheung Wan – A2

Action X - Discovery Bay
North Plaza - shop G16A-C, Ground floor, 92 Siena Ave (between Auberge Hotel and Welcome)

23 Days

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