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Nov 14 / 2016

Matsumoto looking at 27k Skyrace - Hong Kong

Mountain warrior and up close with Japanese Dai Matsumoto on Asian Skyrunning Championship - MSIG Lantau 50

Awesome Japanese legend Dai Matsumoto from Ueda city (Nagano)is coming to Hong Kong this December for the Asian Skyrunning Championship to enter the 27km Skyrace of the MSIG Lantau50.

How did you get involved in running and any special story when you were younger that motivated you to run?

My father liked mountains. My father climbed without stopping. So I kept chasing after my father's back. That's why mountain climbing was a running style.

Who inspires you and shape your thinking in running or Skyrunning?

Ricardo Mehya in Mexico. I met him in 2006. I learned that even small bodies like Asians will not be beat the Westerners of big physique. I started challenging the skyrunning world to the goal to chase his back.

How has last Skyrunning/trail running season gone for you and any events you are proud of and why?

2016 was a year of rest. However, I participated only in the world championship. It is to convey the scene of the world to Japan and Asia. Every European race is wonderful. Especially the Dolomites SkyRace is exciting. Asians should be more attentive.
(Dai placed 8th in the world champs and past winner of Kota Kinabalu climbathon)
Where in Japan do you train? Any special training programme? Will you keep training same way for Asian Skyrunning Championship or different training programme?

I live in a mountain area, so I do not have to worry about practicing. 2000 meters of mountains are rising. There are many mountains around Japan like Hong Kong. So, many people practice on a daily basis.The mountain in Hong Kong has many stairs. So I'm practicing running up a steep mountain.
(Yes don't remind us about our governments love of stairs!!)

Favorite food and why?

Fresh cream cake. It is attention to be easy to gain weight. However, I think that it is good for recovering the mental and physical fatigue.

Watch out for Dai on the 27k course Dec 4 2016 at the MSIG Lantau50.


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