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Apr 21 / 2017

Pain for a whole week but still fond trail memories - Lee

Lee goes to extreme cost cutting measures for true love

Foot pain for whole week after my 1st race - deeply fond of trail running since then!

An ambitious teenager runner, David Lee, shares how much he love trail running and hopes to perform beyond current results in the C3fit Bonaqua Action SPRINT Trail Series.

Can you image a person who gets addiction to trail run that he would like to reduce social activities to save time for training, reduce daily cost to save money for joining competition…It seems a little crazy, but David Lee, a 19-year-old local runner is just like this.

As a student, races entry fee is expensive to David, so he has to skip some social activities to save money. Because of studying, he gets up at 5:00am for training every morning, and participates in a lot of races every weekend.

Although some friends can’t understand him and lose touch with him, he still believes that true friends will support his lifestyle, and some of them will start running under his influence. David said: "I often encourage some friends to run with me, I tell them the differences between trail running and road running. I usually encourage them with a white lie, such as, I tell them we will arrive the destination soon, but in fact it is still far away. As my expectation, some friends fall in love with trail running now! "

Talking about how he got into running, he said: "I started to run when I was primary five, I used to run longer than my classmates, if others run 100 meters, I usually run double." When David was in the secondary school, he was affected by his primary schoolmate Zhao, participated his first long-distance race and got a good result.

" It was my time to join a 30km trail race so I got foot pain for a whole week after the race but I was deeply fond of trail running since then ", said David. Being encouraged by Zhao, he participated in the competition or to assist in the races. David made friends with many runners and built a team for young runners last year, he said: “It’s my honor to be a leader and I hope I can learn more with this group of like-minded partners.”

“Crazy David” participated in four Action Asia races and racked 4th place in the races, he hoped to obtain a better result that beyond 4th place in the coming race.
When you are young, you should be crazy and keep running!






如今,在越野跑這項運動領域,David已不再是名新手,加入了North Face Explorers隊伍,還自己成立了一個青年人跑會“逆瘋”,擔任團長。從剛開始抱著完成全程的心態參賽,到現在,每一次參賽都力求獲得更好的成績,David已經是名經驗頗豐的跑手。

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