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Dec 20 / 2017

Bonus Hysan training kept me motivated - Returning to running after 30 years

 Bonus Hysan training to keep me motivated

Running Hysan Island Hike & Run

Louise Sheerin #613

It was great to see another trail race on Hong Kong Island as always craving for more, so when I heard about the Hysan Island Hike and Run it didn’t take long for me to sign up. Especially as the course was very familiar to me having competed in Tai Tam before on another Action Asia Repulse Bay Sprint, but different direction

What I didn’t realize was that the 12km route of the Hysan Island Hike and Run race route was pretty tough and I really needed to improve my downhill running as there were a lot of steps to negotiate! As I live on Hong Kong Island, races on the island give me the opportunity of doing a recce beforehand, but the main advantage of this race was the bonus training offered on the Tuesday nights leading up to the event. Thank you Hysan and Action Asia Events for this as made a big difference for me leading up to the event!! 

I moved to Hong Kong in early 2013 and in an effort to keep fit decided to return to running almost 30 years after racing competitively at junior level in the UK. Believe me it was a shock to the system. To keep motivated and to give me a goal, I signed up to my first trail event at the end of 2015 – a 16km race of the MSIG Lantau 50 by Action Asia Events. Having experienced staff at the Hysan training sessions like Circuit 25 made a big difference for me as well organized.

In the past few months, I have won trophies in my age group in five separate events and managed to significantly better my time compared to last year! Just wanted to say thanks again and look forward to more Hysan sessions in the future leading up to the Island Hike & Run.



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