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Jul 14 / 2017

Ida Lee - Trail running for 16 years and counting

Trail running for 16 years and counting

Ida Lee on her passion and MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

Hong Kong trail runner Ida Lee will be participating in MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 for the first time, with her husband Chor Kin Law. The running couple is now training hard for the race. Here are some thoughts that Lee would like to share.

What makes you fall for trail running? How long have you been doing trail running?

I did my first trail running race in 2001, and have fallen in love with it ever since. Now, I have been doing trail running for 16 years and I still enjoy being in nature and enjoying the scenery. Every trail is different so it is always new and exciting for us to join different races.

How have you prepared for this race since Singapore’s terrain, climate and environment are all different from Hong Kong?

I did participate in some running races in Singapore, but this is my first time doing trail running here. It is hot and humid in Singapore, therefore it is a bit tricky to control the speed. I have not tried out the trail for this MSIG race, but trails in Singapore are more even in general, my goal for this race is to complete the whole course.

How do you balance your work life and training?

We are not professional athletes and we can only train during leisure time. I usually do some long courses during weekends and try to intensify my stamina and strengths by doing some light running and strengths training during weekdays.

What expectations or goals do you have for this race?

Since it is my first time doing trail running in Singapore, I am quite excited to learn about the trails. I’ll be appreciative and enjoy the course while running. I have known some Singapore runners in the past and they are all nice and friendly, I look forward to knowing more of them.

How different does it feel to participate in races outside Hong Kong?

It’s definitely more exciting. I am quite curious about how different things would be since all the environment, trails, race arrangements are all going to be unfamiliar to me. However, this is exactly why overseas races are more exciting, I always look forward to them.

What advice would you give to new runners? How should they overcome the hot weather?

For new runners, it is the best to start slow and steady, then slowly increase the intensity. They can start with 10km races and choose trails that are less difficult. Once they start getting used to the easier trails, they can start doing trails with more difficulties. As for the hot weather, I think the best resolution would be training more under the sun. Let yourself get used to the hot weather and dehydrated situations, then it would be easier when it happens during races.

How would you encourage your family and friends to participate in trail running?

I often go hiking with some friends to let them try out and experience the fun of trail running.


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