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Jun 26 / 2017

Law Chor Kin heat training for Singapore


– 香港Hoka & 2XU隊越野健將羅楚健賽前採訪










預祝熱愛挑戰的Hoka & 2XU隊越野精英跑手羅楚健在MSIG新加坡動感亞洲2017比賽中能有令自己滿意的表現!


Hong Kong's Law Chor King (Hoka & 2XU) makes plans for MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

1. What got you into running? How long have you done trail running?

I love the peace on the mountain and the pleasure flying above the ridge.

I started trail running from 2000, and have been a winner in Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. And I have completed 400k race in Gobi Desert.


2. MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 is held in Singapore, where the terrain, weather, and environment are different from Hong Kong. How will you train differently for this race?

Singapore is hot and humid, and the landscape is flat. In Hong Kong, I will train myself around noon to adapt to the environment of Singapore. Besides, I will pay special attention to exercise my muscular endurance on acclivity.


3. How to balance the daily work and pre-race training?       

Usually I do training after work when I am more relaxed and concentrated. Besides work and training, I also watch movies and listen to some music.


4. What are your expectations for this race?

First I wish to finish the race in safety. Then it would be better to strike top ten.


5. Is your state of mind different to race overseas event from local event?

I have run local events for many times, but race overseas is very different. It brings me feeling of freshness every time and provides me a chance to communicate with other runners. I can learn a lot from it.


6. What’s your ideal trail running course and distance for beginners? How to deal with the heat? Any other advice for them?

I would like to advice fresh hands start with some flat courses or with somewhere with tree shades.  Then they can experience under strong sunlight to train your body gradually adapt to it.

When racing in hot weather, runners should pay attention to their speed attribution. Don’t rush forward at the beginning and be aware of your feelings along. Besides, drink water in time to cool the body and keep it moisturized.


7. How do you encourage your family, friends or other people to join trail running?


I will encourage them to find some sports they like. If they never try trail running, I would like to recommend it to everyone. Running on mountains will set you free from busy work as a bird.


All the best to Hoka/2XU runner Law Chor Kin at the MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 as will be a learning experience for him, but he thrives on new challenges.

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