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Jun 10 / 2017

Six-year-old girls make short work of the Action Asia Kayak n Run

Six-year-old girls make short work of the Action Asia Kayak n Run
The youngsters and their fathers were among some 90 pairs who participated in the series opener at Tai Tam Bay   

HONG KONG, June 10, 2017 – She may be daddy’s little girl, but this morning Evelyn Luk took on a new role: daddy’s race partner. The six-year-old teamed up with her father Jones in the Action Asia Kayak n Run series opener at Tai Tam Bay, successfully completing the two-kilometre paddle and 3.6km trail run race with a big smile.

“The course was challenging and I feel a little bit tired now, but it was so cool,” said Evelyn. “The trail running part was my favourite.”

The Luks, first-timers at an Action Asia event, were among over 50 pairs in the Family category. There was also an Adult category where more than 50 pairs took on a tougher course of a 4km kayak, 6km trail run and 2km kayak. An orienteering race, participants had to navigate their way to several checkpoints, adding an extra challenge to an already testing event.

“The trail running part was my favourite,” Evelyn said. “I really like doing sports with my dad. I would not have finished the race if it weren’t for his help and encouragement.”

Her father Jones said: “She did very well and although we were not fast, she didn’t give up even once the entire time. We had a lot of fun and we partnered pretty well. Events with kayaking are very rare in Hong Kong, even fewer with a family category. This was a very meaningful event for me not only because it challenged us physically, but also for the new precious memories I have of helping my daughter along the way. It has really made me appreciate my wife’s daily effort [in looking after Evelyn] even more.”

Another six-year-old, Iola Cairns, also participated with her father Tim. Her elder sister and mother had joined the race two years ago, and Iola and Tim were hoping to beat their time.

“I don’t think we managed it,” Tim said, “but I enjoyed running with Iola. The kayaking was fun. It was nice to be out on the water and it was a nice clear day with very pretty surroundings.”

Iola said: “The stepping stones were my favourite because it was fun running in the water. I liked both the weather and the scenery. I love running with my dad because he makes our team run faster.”

At 9am the Adult category was flagged off, one hour after the Family category. Starting at Tai Tam Tuk, the 4km ocean kayak went out to Windy Gap, then To Tei Wan. Leaving their kayaks, participants ran up to the Dragon’s Back in Shek O Country Park, passing near the 284m Shek O Peak and covering 6km before returning to their kayaks for a final 2km paddle back to Tai Tam Bay.

The pair of James Park and Ryan Whelan, going by the team name “Your Pace or Mine”, grabbed first place in 1 hour 34 mins and 59 secs. Park, from New Zealand, has been living in Hong Kong for 4½ years and it was his first Action Asia event.

“I loved both the kayaking and the trail running. The kayaking is more technical but luckily we are a good team as we both paddle. We know the water, which helped us to get the good result,” said Park.

Whelan added: “It’s good to combine two sports as it’s too hot for long trail running this time of the year. The Dragon’s Back route was awesome. Because there are different options available for the run, different teams took different tactics. Luckily our training and experience with kayaking helped us to pull away at the end.”

One minute 22 seconds later, the duo of Romain Demare and Jeremy Borne (Team Invaders) crossed the finish line to take overall second place. Borne said: “It was very hot weather today and very challenging. It was a race till the end – you couldn’t relax or rest at all until reaching the finish line; there was no time to even refill water. It was good fun! We know the Dragon’s Back very well as we train there very often. It is one of the most beautiful hikes in Hong Kong.”

Team Morning Mocha, made up of father and son Anthony and Hugh Somerset, took the overall third place 1:36:49. It was their sixth time joining the race. Anthony said: “We got second last time, so we are a bit slow today and it was pretty hot in the hills. The whole thing was nice and the countryside was wonderful. The Hong Kong countryside is something really special, and to get into the water as well as into the hills is something that more people should do. I really think races like this should really be supported because it gets young kids, old people and families outside, and brings out good spirits.”

Hugh said: “I think the trail running was the best bit; the little small trails that people wouldn’t expect to find in Hong Kong. My dad got me into running six years ago. Then I started racing in Action Asia Events’ Sprint races and then we started to have a chance to do races together which is a pretty cool experience.”

The Doggers Team of Britons Imi Bond and Joanna Eades won the women’s category in 1:47:26. “I have been doing trail running since I moved to Hong Kong13 years ago and both of us do dragon boating, so it helps with the kayaking. Today’s race was good and I’m glad that it’s not as hot as I thought it was going to be – the cloud cover definitely helped. It was fun and I enjoyed it,” said Eades.

TRI Fitness were the champion Mixed Team in 1:45:55. Lawrence Wong and Tsang Ka Hung were teaming up for the first time. “We have only practised kayaking once so I think we can do better next time,” said Wong.

Tsang added: “As we saw how much behind we were from others in the kayaking section, we pushed ourselves really hard in the trail running part. I have been racing in triathlons for eight years but it was my first race that involves kayaking. The race spirit was great.”

The Action Asia Kayak n Run Series is possible with the generous support of Action X Store, C3fit, Royale International, Gatorade, OtterBox, OL&N, and Action Asia Foundation.


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Action Asia Kayak n Run Series - Tai Tam Bay


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Start time

8am Family category

9am Adult category

Start location

Tai Tam Tuk, Tai Tam Bay, Hong Kong Island (Southside)


Family: 2km kayak and 3.6km run

Adult: 4km kayak, 6km run, and 2km kayak


Kayaking and running along the beautiful Tai Tam Bay coastline to Hobie Cat Beach and over the Dragon’s Back


To enjoy beautiful sceneries off the main trails and explore locations people don't usually go to


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