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Jun 29 / 2017

Steven Lee - Off the road they are fit and healthy

Off the road they are fit and healthy

The president of the MacRitchie Runners 25, Steven Lee heading to MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50


1. What got you into running? How long have you done trail running?

I have been running half and full marathon for so many years. I feel that at my age (66+), trail running and ultra distance are more suitable for me.


2. What's the hardest thing to organise MacRitchie Runners 25?

Not so much of organizing activities. My problem is that I find it hard to find people in MR25 to take over the Club. Because everybody wants to run.


3. What recommendation you give to the members to keep them motivated?

Once they are addicted to running they will continue to run. No motivation needed.


4. How would you advise your members to run safely?

Each of us knows our own body the best. While running if there's any slightest signal, I would stop and try again another day.


5. Could you share two things you are proud of?(running related and non-running related)     

I'm happy to see so many people are hitting the road, doing trail running or walking to keep fit n healthy. It was not like this in the earlier years. Off the road they are fit and healthy so they work longer hours and are able to enjoy their life without sickness.

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