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Jun 05 / 2017

Tree planting and ultra mountain marathons - Thailand

Planting Trees adds to Mountain Marathon Fun

MSIG Thailand Action Asia 50 zero edition

THAILAND, June 4, 2017 – The MSIG Thailand Action Asia 50 zero edition, the very first trail running charity event, was held successfully in the Doi Inthanon National Park, known as “The Roof of Thailand", the highest mountain in Thailand with an elevation of 2,565m. Action Asia Events is the first and only trail running company that has been allowed to hold a charity running project in Doi Inthanon National Park. The event is supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, with its main purpose to raise funds for tree planting and the construction of water dam in the local Hmong and Karen village area. 

The zero-edition test run was presented for only 100 runners to raise funds and awareness to support the villagers of Doi Inthanon and the National Park. A 100% charity donation of USD $10 per person went towards the purchase of trees and the cost of water dam construction with entry fee free of charge for the zero edition, with the 1st edition on December 17, 2017.

Participants were divided in 3 categories with the 50km distance having a total elevation gain of 2200m with 2200m elevation loss, the 20km distance having 950m elevation gain with 950 elevation loss and the 10km distance having 400m elevation gain and 400m elevation loss. 

Ms Sarima Chindamat, Director of the Tourism of Authority of Thailand, Hong Kong, expressed her satisfaction after finishing 10km race: ’It is an honour to get a chance to work with Action Asia Events and Doi Inthanon National Park in supporting the organization of this event. It’s really useful for not only participants to get healthy and well-trained, but also to give benefits to the local community and support the sustainable tourism development, since we are involved in the local community by protecting the nature, planting trees, and constructing the water dam,” As for the course, Chindamat praised the scenery and he enjoyed the route. “I think the charity benefits of this event is a good beginning, as it will help villagers here. It is also good for sustaining tourism. We come here to enjoy the scenery and run, and at the same time, we are also giving something back to the nature and the local community nearby, this is very meaningful.”

Local trail enthusiast, Pornmongkol Phoothong won the overall men’s champion in the 50km race with a finishing time of 6 hours 12 minutes and 35 seconds. “The course is really awesome with such beautiful views all around. I liked the section between check point 4 and check point 5 the most with such challenging beautiful view sections looking up at the rock face,” he added, “It is a cool event because it provided a chance for us to make donations and support the villagers on the hill. And I will definitely be participating in the race in December.”

The women’s 50km champion, Bangkok resident Woraphan Kijsawasdi, reached the finishing line in 9 hours 37 minutes and 15 seconds. “It is a little bit challenging because the beginning 20 km is only going up-hill. It’s not quite normal in Thailand, since we don’t have such big mountains so much. The course is very beautiful, and my favorite part is the mountain which looks like a tiger on one of the highest points,” Vowell also commented “I donated more than 10 dollars to the village and I know you have the “No Cup Policy” in the race, and I couldn’t agree more with that. I would recommend people coming to this place to leave with their rubbish, for the aim of protecting the environment for the villages.”

The 20km Men’s winner crossing the finish line was Pongprapart Tharworn from Thailand, with a time of 2 hours 9 minutes 18 seconds. He enjoyed the whole course, although he thought the course was very challenging. Tharworn still managed to complete the whole 20km course in 2 hours. “I knew I could do this and now I am very proud of myself. Despite the beautiful scenery, I really appreciate the meaning behind this race, which aims for helping people in need by donating $10USD for participating in the race, and I would recommend it as a great event for runners and look forward to the 1st edition,” he said.

Sarah Adyniec, the 20km women’s winner from the United States finished in 2 hours 52 minutes 9 seconds. Sarah has been living in Thailand for 6 months and only starting trail running 4 months ago. “Because there are not many mountains from where I’m from, I really enjoyed this course as a change of scenery. Trail running has become my passion now and I love being in the mountains. As for this course, I like up-hills more, since that’s where I felt strongest and downhills is something I need to work on,” Adyniec also mentioned, “the scenery and weather today was amazing, which made me have to stop several times for taking pictures of the mountains and villages. As the first trail race in my life, I am really proud that we could be able to donate to the villages around, and I would like to try the 50km race if I have chance in December.”

Jason Tam a runner from Hong Kong participating in the 20km category, joined the first trail running race in his life. Tam said, “since the weather here is humid, it made the route more difficult to adapt to, especially in the beginning. However, the scenery is wild and comfortable on the peak with suitable temperature.” As for this charity event, he added: “When I ran through the village, I saw how the locals live here. No matter how many donation we made for them, it is always my pleasure to help them.”

Chaiyaphat Saengarun grabbed 10km Men’s title in 50 minutes and 48 seconds. “I really love the route, the charity event is so meaningful and I can see the gorgeous mountains throughout the route, which brought me plenty of fun and adventure.” he said.

Michael Maddess, Director of Action Asia Events, commented on the success of the event: “We are honoured to be supporting Doi Inthanon villagers with focus on construction of water dams and tree planting through this MSIG Thailand Action Asia 50. The zero edition was a great success working with the local villagers and building a strong bond and we look forward to hosting the main event in December and bringing many more runners here to participate through the beautiful National Park and to do more to support the local villagers.”

This fundraising event is possible due to the generous support of presenting sponsor MSIG Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited and supporting partners Tourism Authority of Thailand, Doi Inthanon National Park, Outdoor Channel, Hoka One One, Tri Action, OtterBox, Action X Store and Action Asia Foundation.



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Event Info

Event Name:

MSIG Thailand Action Asia 50 (10km/20/km/50km)


June 4, 2017(Sunday) ZERO edition only open to 100 runners

Start Time:

6:00 am – 50 km, 6:00 am – 20 km, 6:30 am – 10 km

Start and Finish Location:

Mae Ya Waterfall parking lot (1hour 20 mins from Chiang Mai South)


10 km – 400m elevation gain & 400m elevation loss

20 km – 950m elevation gain & 950m elevation loss

50 km – 2200m elevation gain & 2200m elevation loss


Trail Running – 10km/20km – mostly off road, 50km – mixture grass track, trail & road


Charity event for tree planting and construction of water dam


For more race details, please visit Thailand event website below:


or all past events at:


Action Asia Events Organizer website - www.actionasiaevents.com  

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