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Oct 01 / 2017

Campbell and Saint Pé storm over Lantau 2 Peaks Skyrace curtain opener

Campbell and Saint Pé storm over Lantau 2 Peaks Skyrace curtain opener

HONG KONG, October 1, 2017 – Action X Lantau 2 Peaks Skyrace didn’t disappoint as the curtain opener of the Hong Kong trail running season raising the bar of not only the technical side, but also with extremely high humidity and heat for the beginning of October. Top local and international runners had tough competition and suffered from the challenging course while many participants (solo and team) also see this annual event as a chance to bond with trail running friends as a signature race where they get to boost the team spirit and create new memories.

Debbie Bailey and Grace Lam, two best friends have been joining Lantau 2 Peaks for six consecutive years, starting from 2012. This event for them is more than a race especially with each other’s company. “We made sure we run this race together each year as it is a part of our friendship.” said Debbie Bailey. They were very happy with today’s weather and course. “The race was good with really nice weather at the beginning, there was a bit of cloud and a lot of breeze. The scenery was great too!” The two claimed they would definitely join next year’s race as their tradition and Debbie Bailey is also planning and looking forward to her fourth Mongolia Action Asia Ultra marathon next year.

Canadian Hong Kong resident Jeff Campbell flew over the technical course with close to 2000m elevation gain which covered Nei Lek Shan contour trail (564m), Ngong Ping Water CP1 (458m), Lantau Peak - Fung Wong Shan (934m), Pak Kung Au Water CP2 (331m) , Sunset Peak -Tai Tung Shan (807m),  Wong Lung Hang Country Trail stairs, Wong Lung Hang Road, Tung Chung Citygate and finished the whole race in 2 hours 47 minutes and 40 seconds, reaching the highest step of the podium of the 23km Skyrace. “Tough day out there. Lantau [2 Peaks] is so technical and intense. It was definitely a tough race for a tough group of runners. Top 3 runners were stuck together up to Ngong Ping, CP1. It was really tough running up sunset peak where I broke away. This is my first time competing in Lantau 2 Peaks and I’m very excited to grab the champion title,” said Campbell. When being asked about the view, “The view was beautiful but I had to concentrate on racing the entire time and didn’t have time to enjoy too much. I also want to thank the organizer and all the volunteers,” he shared.

Only 3 minutes 56 seconds behind the winner, Austrian Michael Skobierski was next to finish the Lantau 2 peaks letting everybody know how tough the course was. “It’s my third time participating in the [Lantau 2 Peaks] race. Last year I also joined the 23km but didn’t get a satisfying result because of my injury. I was hoping to complete the race in three hours this time while ranking is not that important so I’m very happy with my performance today. The race is tough due to the ups and downs and the fast speed, at some point I was struggling and over-heating, but I kept pushing myself. I enjoyed reaching the top of the Lantau peak the most because it was fresh and windy and the rest of the race was relatively easier compared to that climb,” he said.

Irish runner Kevin F Scallan came in third place as last year, finishing in 2 hours 54 minutes 59 seconds, right behind Skobierski (3 minutes 23 seconds apart). Scallan thinks the race was tough and challenging and he enjoyed the race very much: “I feel very good. I remember I got injured at the bottom of Lantau last year so it was quiet a slow finish. This year I just slowed a lot when coming down Michael [Skobierski] and I were pretty much together when coming up, but I arrived four minutes late when coming down. It’s a lot of time to lose over that distance, but I am still happy to finish the third especially with the stunning scenery.”

For the Women’s battle, French runner Emilie Saint Pé came through Checkpoint one in 1 hour 8 minutes and 58 seconds, passing checkpoint two after 2 hours and 24 minutes, finished the race 3 hours 42 minutes 53 seconds winning the female champion title. “I started trail running five years ago. I did the race last year and I didn’t expect the result at all because I know the Lantau 2 Peaks is a very challenging race with a lot of great Hong Kong runners. My goal today was just to finish the race. I am very surprised. My target time was 4 hours but I think I did it twenty minutes below my target time. I’m really satisfied with it. Lantau 2 Peaks is amazing and I really like the Sunset Peak because when you arrive at the top, you can see the Buddha clearly. It’s like you are at the natural heart of Hong Kong which is totally different from the concrete jungle,” she said she will come back for another battle at Lantau 2 Peaks next year and improve on her finishing time.

The Hong Kong local runner Yee Ting Kwan finished the course in 3 hours 45 minutes 2 seconds, came in second in Women’s category. This is her second time taking part in Lantau 2 Peaks. Ms. Kwan expressed her excitement of the race: “Sunset peak was my favorite part as that was the final part of the race. After I got up to the peak, it was a huge relief, and it felt great.” She also shared that the most challenging part was at the beginning in terms of the intensive up-hills.

Australian runner Sherrin Loh, reaching checkpoint one after 1 hour 11 minutes 53 seconds, less than 3 minutes behind the female winner of the race - Emilie Saint Pé and passed her on the Lantau Peak climb before checkpoint two (Loh arrived 2 hours 22 minute after the race starts at CP2 while the female winner's CP2 time is 2 minutes behind) was the third reaching the podium of the Women’s category, finishing the course in 3 hours 55 minutes 37 seconds. “I was satisfied with my performance at the beginning, but unfortunately I fell at the top of Sunset which slowed me down a little bit, and led to a bit of struggle.” Sherrin also found the course very challenging “The course was tough and full of technical stuff, it may sometimes make you fall, but that’s all the race was about!” she said. Not only had Sherrin showed her satisfaction towards her performance, she was also enjoying the course “The scenery was amazing when I got to the top, and my favorite part was running down from Lantau Peak. That was fun!” As a regular podium finisher in numerous Action Asia Events races local and international, she said she would definitely join again next year.

The Action X Lantau 2 Peaks which is a qualifying Skyrunner National event could not happen without the generous support of Action X Store, Plantronics, Gatorade, Watsons water, Citygate Outlets, Hong Kong Chiropractors Association (HKCA) and Action Asia Foundation.


Race Results

Action X Lantau 2 Peaks

23km Top 5 Men

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Jeff Campbell – Canada – Gone Running – 02:47:40

2. Michael Skobierski – Austria - 02:51:36

3. Kevin Scallan – Ireland – Joint Dynamics – 02:54:59

4. Guo Min Deng – China – Salomon China– 02:59:01

5. Jeremy Ritcey – Canada – Salomon Hong Kong – 03:04:52


23km Top 5 Women                                                                                    

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

1. Emilie Saint Pé – France – 03:42:53

2. Yee Ting Chris Kwan – Hong Kong – 03:45:02

3. Sherrin Loh – Australia – 03:55:37

4. Katia Kucher – Canada –  HKSC Running – 04:00:02

5. Adelinda Albarin – Philippine – 04:05:31


15km Top Men

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

1. Byran Crane – Canada –01:32:51


15km Top Woman

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Hoi Sze Kwok 郭凱思 – Hong Kong – 01:57:18

For full results, please click here. or direct link on Action Asia Events Results section at http://www.actionasiaevents.com/results.html

Race Info

Event Name

Lantau 2 Peaks™ - Skyrace


Oct 01, 2017 (Sunday)

Start Time

7:30 a.m. (23km), 8:00 am (15km)

Start Location

Citygate, Tung Chung, Hong Kong


23km (2 Peaks), 15km (half peak)


Trail Running, Fast Hiking part of the Skyrunner National Series




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The Foundation’s achievements so far include funding a day care and health facilities in Nepal, and organising kayaking, climbing and other outdoor activities for handicapped and underprivileged youth in Hong Kong.  

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