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Oct 13 / 2017

"I wish I’m already racing in Hong Kong now" - Taiwanese runner Guo coming to MSIG HK50

"I wish I’m already racing in Hong Kong now" - Taiwanese elite runner Guo Wang Ting coming to Hong Kong for MSIG HK50

"I’m really excited to participate in MSIG HK50 series – Hong Kong Island for the very first time and I wish I’m already racing in Hong Kong now" -  Taiwanese elite runner Guo Wang Ting coming to Hong Kong for the special experience and the atmosphere.

1.  Why did you decide to participate in this race?

I like Hong Kong a lot. I have decided to join another race in Hong Kong soon after participating in last year’s Asian Skyrunning Championship - MSIG Lantau 50, so when I found that Action Asia Events is holding another MSIG HK50 series this year in Hong Kong Island, I know I must be part of it.

2. What do you find most challenging about this race?

I think that would be the terrains of race course. I know there are a lot of staircases on the trail in Hong Kong, and running up and down those cases with the technical course would definitely be a challenge to me.

3.  The race is in 2 weeks’ time, how’s your preparation going?

Apart from my regular group run training, I have also started adjusting my diet and focusing on endurance training to improve my cardiopulmonary and help strengthen muscles. I hope these types of training would help me to have better performance on Oct 21, the race day.

4.  What would you do to deal with the challenges and difficulties while racing?

During the race, I usually encourage myself by thinking about the food at the finish line. I would tell myself that the earlier I get to the finish line, the earlier I can enjoy the delicious finish line food.

5.  Compared to the trail running in Taiwan, what do you expect to experience in 2017 MSIG HK50 series – Hong Kong Island?

I expect the atmosphere would be different in Hong Kong. Although I have only race in Hong Kong once, I found there are a lot we [Taiwan runners] can learn from through the differences in culture and the amazing performance and achievements made by runners from around the world. Also, exploring different race course in various places would certainly help the trail running field in Taiwan too. What I expect the most on race day would be the excitement when I finish the race with a satisfying result!

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