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Sep 24 / 2017

Taiwanese runners sweep top spots

Taiwanese runners sweep top spots of biggest and boldest edition of

the NISSAN Action Asia X-trail in Taipei

TAIPEI, September 24, 2017 – They came seeking an extreme challenge and action-packed adventure, and the participants of today’s much-anticipated NISSAN Action Asia X-trail race certainly experienced all that and much more. Now in its seventh year, the challenging mountain running race had its toughest edition yet, with the introduction of a new 26-kilometre course that traversed some Taipei’s least trodden and most technical trails.

On top of Maokong, a quaint mountain top village in southern Taipei known for its tea plantations and culture, local Salomon team runner Ching Chou was the first across the line in 2 hours 48 minutes and 24 seconds, while another Taiwanese Hsaio-hui Lo took the women’s title (4:14:41).

“In the beginning, it was mostly trails and steps, and very runnable. Then, we passed through the tea garden in the middle, and there the course felt very comfortable. But after about running 17 km, we started lots of climbing, though the view was very beautiful,” said Ching Chou. “My most favourite part was the technical downhills afterwards. You could run it pretty fast if you have right technique.”

The hardcore and extreme course that took participants to remote mountain tops was possible due to fantastic support from the title sponsors NISSAN, not only financially but also logistically. Powered by the NISSAN X-Trail SUV, race marshalls and aid were brought to remote checkpoints to deliver support to participants, while media also hitched rides to mountain tops to capture first-hand the sheer challenge runners had to overcome. Conquering the course most certainly required not only power and performance, but also agility and superior control.

Andrei Maier, runner-up of the 26km race in 3:11:04 and a Romanian who has lived in Taiwan for six years, sang praises of the course design. “The race organisers have put up a really good course with a lot of ups and downs - and it suits me a lot. I am not that fast on the flats, so I prefer going up on very technical trails, because it’s fun to go downhills, knowing that you can break your neck any second,” joked Maier. “Maokong is definitely one of the best places in Taipei. We passed through the farms and we had great views of the city. It’s just beautiful!”

Kenichi Saito was third in 3:53:38. “I am very happy, but also tired. Climbing the mountain is very hard and technical, but I like it. The scenery of Taiwan is very good and beautiful. I hope I could come back this race and other races in Taiwan next year,” he said.

Women’s champion Lo said the passage through the vegetable field was her favourite part of the course. “Jiaoshan Mountain in Taipei is gorgeous. All in all, this event is great,” she said. Two other Taiwanese women, Hsiu Ching Chen (4:23:36) and Shu Lien Lu (4:28:33), were second and third women respectively.

For runners who wanted a taste of adventure and a fantastic trail experience – but a relatively easier challenge – the 9km and 17km courses of previous years were also offered this year.

Pin Chi Chou was champion in the 17km race in a blistering 1:53:06. Having finished first runner-up in the 21km race of the Taiwan Action Asia 50 last year, he felt contented with the result. He said: “The pleasant weather facilitated my running, allowing me to exert my advantage. All along the race, I kept with a steady rhythm. When going downhill, I proceeded with steady steps and secure speed. Also, I paced myself well, so I didn’t worry that I would be caught by other runners.”

Wan Ting Kuo improved on her runner-up position last year to claim the women’s 17km title in 2:33:16. “I joined the 17km category because I wanted to make a breakthrough this time. I am contented with the result. Due to the hot weather, I felt a bit under the weather when I ran up to the first mountain top. Luckily, my stamina and condition became better after drinking water.”

Chih-yung Chen grabbed the overall champion of the 9 km race (1:00:40), while Wei Ju Chen was first among the women (1:22:33). She spoke highly of the race. “I liked the diversified terrain, including the muddy roads, stone steps, steep slopes and gradual roads – it’s just a pleasure to run. The scenery during the race was also gorgeous. Particularly the passage of the downhills, surrounded by the woods, felt extremely cosy.”

Maokong, a tourist destination where used to be renowned for its cable car, is now the landmark of trail running in Taiwan because of previous high standards set by annual races including the NISSAN Action Asia X-trail TAIWAN, organized by Action Asia Events and supported by NISSAN.

To minimise environmental damage to the historical route, the organisers operated a strict No Cup policy. Runners brought their own water bottles or hydration packs, as cups were not provided. Action Asia Events provided carboys sponsored by MaxPure.

The event could not happen without the generous support of the presenting sponsor NISSAN and other supporting partners ActionX Store, Hoka One One, Maxpure, TXG, BNB Rack, Outdoor Channel, Don 1 don, Outside Magazine, Taipei Metro Hash House Harriers, China Hash House Harriers, and Action Asia Foundation.


[Race Result] 2017 NISSAN Action Asia X-Trail Taiwan

26 km

Top 5 MEN

Name - Nationality – Team/Sponsor –Time

1. Ching Chou (周青) – Taiwan - Salomon Taiwan - 02:48:24

2. Andrei Maier – Romania - 03:11:04

3. Kenichi Saito (齋藤賢一) – Japan - 03:53:38

4. Yip Ka Lok (葉嘉樂) – Hong Kong - 中原大學 - 03:55:25

5. Jungchun Tsai (蔡榮峻) – Taiwan - 04:01:29


Name - Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Hsaio-hui Lo (羅曉惠) – Taiwan - 04:14:41

2. Hsiu Ching Chen (陳秀卿) – Taiwan – MERRELL - 04:23:36

3. Shu Lien Lu (呂淑蓮) – Taiwan - 04:28:33

4. Hsu Wan Jiun (許婉君) – Taiwan - 04:33:29

5. Hsiao-ying Lin (林曉鶯) – Taiwan - 04:58:38

17 km

Top 5 MEN

Name - Nationality – Team/Sponsor –Time

1. Pin Chi Chou (周平記) – Taiwan - 01:53:06

2. Chia Cheng Chen (陳嘉政) – Taiwan - 01:54:26

3. Randall Vargas Barrantes - Costa Rica – Runivore - 01:58:57

4. Toru Fukai (深井亨) – Japan - 野男幫 - 02:05:31

5. Yu Chia Wu – Taiwan - 02:08:34


Name - Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Wan Ting Kuo (郭婉婷) – Taiwan - 02:33:16

2. Wen Ling Liu – Taiwan - BIRTHDAY HASH - 02:52:10

3. Jo-chun Ho (何若君) – Taiwan - 02:55:03

4. Yiching Huang (黃宜瑾) – Taiwan - 魔神仔定向越野 - 02:59:29

5. Fengchuan Ho (何鳳娟) – Taiwan - 03:00:10


Name - Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

Chih-yung Chen (陳智湧) – Taiwan – 01:00:40

Wei Ju Chen (陳威如) – Taiwan – 01:22:33


Race Info


Event Name

2017 - NISSAN Action Asia X-Trail Taiwan


Sept 24, 2017 (Sunday)

Start Time

8:00 a.m.

Start Location

Zhi Nan Gong Main Hall Temple, No.115, Wanshou Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei City 116


9km, 17km, 26km (new for 2017)


Trail Running




About Action Asia Foundation

Since its inception in 1997 the Action Asia Foundation has promoted the idea that outdoor activities can play a crucial part in fostering an individual’s personal development. Proceeds from the Action Asia Challenge and other fundraising events go to help the work of the Foundation. The goals of the Action Asia Foundation include:

- Developing personal development opportunities for young people in Asia through organising outdoor adventure activities.

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- Promoting cultural interchange through adventure programmes and events.

- Developing permanent facilities for youth adventure training

The Foundations achievements so far include funding a day-care and health facilities in Nepal, and organizing kayaking, climbing and other outdoor activities for handicapped and underprivileged youth in Hong Kong.

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