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07 Feb, 2018

19-year-old trail running rising star on MSIG Sai Kung 50

19-year-old trail running rising star on MSIG Sai Kung 50 and the MSIG Action Asia Development Plan

Having outstanding performance in different trail running races, 19-year-old Ng Wai Hei is spotted by media as the rising trail running star in Hong Kong. He is also currently ranked as the top local male runner in MSIG Action Asia Development Programme with a great chance to participate in 2018 Skyrunning World Championship in Scotland.

Ng loves sports since he was a child, while trail running is his all-time favorite, “I enjoy the freedom and the relaxing atmosphere being in the nature. With the stunning scenery of Hong Kong’s countryside, I always want to go further and walk faster in order to challenge myself and explore new areas.” At first, Ng had no idea that there were trail running races. He changed his training spots from parks and tracks to trails when he got bored. “Afterwards, I found running on trails more efficient than road running as it pushes me harder on my physical ability and endurance. Trail running also makes me feel very satisfied every time when I get back to the city, so I started training on trail to improve my long-distance running since Secondary 2.”

While most teenagers spend their spare time on electronic devices, Ng put even more free time on sports and training, he also developed a healthy lifestyle with patterns since he started trail running, “I have a clearer goal for trail running after participating in races. Hence I started to focus on healthier eating habit, and spend my leisure time on training rather than using social media.”

His passion about trail running and his excellent result also becomes a way for Ng to promote trail running and sports, “I will first encourage my friends and family to go hiking, wishing they can first experience the peace and calm of nature, then started challenging themselves to walk faster and have a go on trail running.” Ng also shared how he found trail running different from other sports, “Trail running always brings new experience to runners by the variety of course and terrains, which make it more interesting. Plus, it is easy to start trail running as you don't need to prepare extra equipment before going!”

Ng shows his excitements toward the upcoming MSIG Sai Kung 50 setting off on 10 February, “Sai Kung is the back garden of Hong Kong, its mountains and coastline preserve the original landscape and combined as a breath-taking view. I'm looking forward to the race and will definitely try my best to perform even better. I hope the weather will be nice on race day so everyone can appreciate the beauty of Sai Kung.”