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12 Jun, 2018

Though all said I can’t, if I think I can, I will finish

Though all said I can’t, if I think I can, I will 

Malaysia Action Asia 50 warm-up pre-race interview with Ryna Rynz II

1. Can you share with us what kind of training you will do 4 weeks before a 10k/21k race normally and will it change much in final 3 weeks?

For 4 weeks, normally I will mix up with body workout, Speed training, hills training and easy jog for mileage or cycling.

Since I am a part-time athlete, I will make sure that I will do workouts at weekdays and look for 1 day for speed training and on weekend will do for endurance training (hills training and running/ cycling)

For the final 3 weeks, nothing much change, except final one week, I will do taper which, less mileage for running and just light workout.

2. Do you change your food diet normally before any races and what do you normally eat every day for meals if you are training?

I am the type of eat all and not a ‘eat clean’ athlete, but if training, I will ensure that, before training, I take carbon-based food, meanwhile after training, I will consume protein-based food and eat as usual.

3. How do you keep positive and how do you get inspired to keep training when your body gets sore or in pain. Anything special can share for new runners?

Normally, I will set my mindset, if I had registered for an event, I must commit with the training. I want to finish strong with free injury. Therefore, I must do and commit with the training. If I don't have an event to aim for, I just want to be a healthy person and keep training as usual and I will always remember people that always support me and confident to me especially my family and close friends.

On weekend I always spent my time at training and event. They understand me and every time I am giving up, I will remember them, and all my friends that support me. ‘I must do it for them’. Unless if I am injured, then it’s a different story as we must know our body and limits. Even though all said I can’t do, but if I think, I can do, then I will proceed.

I will do what makes me happy. But I will stop when it’s beyond my limits as we must respect and love our body. The person that knows your body is yourself and not others. So don’t follow others people. Build based 1st slowly and your time will come. In Shaa Allah.


Good luck with the race Ryna Rynz II!


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