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07 Jun, 2018

Mathews - Theory is that your blood pH level is higher/less acidic

Caught up with Hui Mathews from Kuala Lumpur to discuss Malaysia Action Asia race

1. Can you share with us what kind of training you will do 4 weeks before a 10k/21k race normally and will it change much in final 3 weeks.

Minimum of the same mileage and elevation peaking 2 weeks before race. The last week before the race is a lot of rest. Maybe 1 easy hike.

2. Do you change your food diet normally before any races and what do you normally eat every day for meals if you are training.

For longer races I try to eat less meat 1 month before the race. Theory is that your blood pH level is higher/less acidic so you get tired and sore at a slower rate as you generate lactic acid during the race.

3. How do you keep positive and how do you get inspired to keep training when your body gets sore or in pain. Anything special can share for new runners?

Always train with people so that you're more motivated to wake up, show up and toughen up!:) 2 are always better than 1
For 1. U can add on: I also include some stretching and strengthening so yoga focused on the core is really important too!


We wish Hui all the best of luck at the upcoming Janda Baik July 15 2018 Action Asia Event. For event details kindly go to:



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