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04 Jun, 2018

Connect with nature and yourself at MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

 Connect with nature and yourself at MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

Trail Running in Singapore! - is a great thing to try
Interview with trail runner David Stevenson

1. What got you into Trail Running? How long have you been doing it?
In all the 16 years that I have been living in Singapore, I have been running around the MacRitchie, Peirce and Seletar Reservoir areas. The rainforest is a special place and I have enjoyed spending many of my weekend mornings in the greenery…..and the mud! The rainforest provides the chance to connect with nature, connect with other runners away from city pressures, and also to connect with yourself. It was a natural step to move on to Trail races - once I felt that I had achieved what I wanted in road racing.


2. Why would you join Zero Waste Category of MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50?

Singapore is like most developed nations in generating vast amounts of waste. Currently, Singapore generates about 800,000 tonnes of plastic waste and nearly all (94%) is not recycled - every year! Worldwide, around 300 million tonnes of plastic are manufactured annually. The damage to the environment and the animals around the world - including humans - is immeasurable. I want to do my part in reducing waste whenever possible.


3. September is one of the best months to do trail race, how would you prepare for the race and balance the daily work and pre-race training?

I love running and I try to take every opportunity in my life to do it. I work in the CBD and live in Siglap - and running the 12km commute is an easy way of building up training. At the weekends, I go out early both days and head for the rainforest for sunrise - most of the day is left when I get back home. Singapore is a great place to train - there’s never a day when you can’t run, and September is the same. For the more major trail races, like MSIG, I will build up over several months, making sure I have plenty of climbing and hills training increasing over time. In the last week or two, I will cut back the training and save my energy for the big day.


4. What is your goal for the race?
My main goal is to enjoy the race and enjoy the time with the people I know who are racing as well. I am very pleased that MSIG has age categories for the race, and it would be great to do well in mine.


5. How do you encourage your family, friends or other people to join trail running?

It is great if people can follow their passions and do what they love. If you’re not sure what that is, spending time in the rainforest, getting fit and making new friends - in other words, Trail Running in Singapore! - is a great thing to try.


The event is possible thanks to the generous support of our title sponsor MSIG Insurance and supporting partners Action X Store, Singapore Tourism Board, Outdoor Channel, Royale International, World of Sports, Forward by Norman, Run Magazine, Triplefit, Thorlos and the Action Asia Foundation.

Hope David Stevenson enjoy the training and have a good race on Sept 29 MSIG Action Asia Singapore 50!



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