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06 Mar, 2018

Dad runs Ricoh Healthy Hike and Run with kids

Dad runs Ricoh Healthy Hike and Run with kids 

Stephen Dewar, a trail running enthusiast is running the Ricoh Healthy Hike and Run with his kids


1.  How long have you being doing trail running and how many times have you participated in AAE races with your family?

I've been involved in trail running for over 10 years and my wife and kids always enjoy hiking together as a family. I'm looking forward to the Ricoh Healthy Hike & Run as it will be my first time joining a race with my family.


2. How has trail running changed your life? How do you balance the daily work, family life and pre-race training?      

Trail running is part of a routine for me and I run 10-20km per week in the hills around Sai Kung.  I grew up in Scotland near the hills so I always felt at home on the trails.


4. How do you encourage your family, friends or other people to join trail running?

For my family, we just set it as a shared new year goal to explore more of the trails and joining trail running and trail running races like Ricoh Healthy Hike & Run is a great way to do it.


5. What are your expectations for this race?

Everyone finishing together would be my expectation for this coming race on 18 Mar!

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