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23 Feb, 2019

Beaches and mountain views key highlights at the Sai Kung 50

Beaches and mountain views key highlights at the Sai Kung 50 - Chinese trail running elite Guomin Deng crowned champion of the 2019 Sai Kung 50 

Hong Kong resident German runner Angelika Hahn dominated claimed the women’s 50km title while Amy Mumford a mother of five won women’s 12km race in an impressive time

The Sai Kung 50, the 3rd leg of the 2018-2019 HK50 Series, witnessed over 1,000 local and international trail runners setting off from Pak Tam Chung Picnic Garden, Sai Kung this morning. Among more than 200 overseas runnners, one Mainland Chinese trail runner stood out who has been having a great season so far. His name is Guomin Deng who was crowned the overall 50k champion in a blistering time of 6 hours 3 minutes and 3 seconds, but not without an early battle with Vlad Ixel. Hong Kong resident from Germany Angelika Hahn dominated the female race and claimed the 50km women's title in 8 hours 10 minutes and 43 seconds. The final leg of the series - HK50 West at Shing Mun will be held on Saturday March 23rd.

Guomin Deng said he was not feeling 100% with stomach issues before the race, but he was very satisfied with his result of 06:03:03 and enjoyed the race course immensely. “I liked the course. The view was great especially in the area of Sai Wan where I could see clear water with fine sand. The course made me feel quite relaxed in Hong Kong as the city itself is very fast-paced and busy. I also think the mountains in Hong Kong are much more-well-developed than mainland China. I suspected something was wrong on the last climb, but looked at my gps track and followed it”.

Ixel had been leading just before the final climb up Kai Kung Shan, but was forced off course when someone removed over 15 markers including signs and ribbons and actually went out of their way to remark a different trail, forcing Ixel and some other leaders to loose around 20 minutes going in circles. Staff arrived fast and corrected the problem, but Vlad Ixel, Adrien Konareff and Bin Lang all decided to run together in a show of sportsmanship and finish 2nd.

Angelika Hahn from Germany (08:10:43) felt extremely exhausted at the last section of the race.

Hahn was spotted at 2017 Hysan Healthy Hike & Run after dominating the women’s 19km, not long after she moved to Hong Kong. She also came third at last year’s Sai Kung 50. It’s her first win in 2019. “Today, I am not second”, she exclaimed.

The Sai Kung 50 also included 22km and 12km categories. Joseph Dale grabbed the 22km overall champion title in 2 hrs 3 minutes and 8 minutes. He said: “The beaches and mountain views were beautiful. The course marking was very clear and easy to follow. I enjoyed the race a lot and found it more interesting than road running.”

Hong Kong local runner Nicky Inge (02:35:27) won the women’s 22km title. “It was out of my expectation to win the race this time” she said. “Supplement of the starch was enhanced two days before the race. I also trained on downhills specifically for this race this time,” Inge said sharing her tips.

Experienced Australian road runner-Jason Jia won the overall champion of 12km race in 1 hour 6 minutes and 7 seconds. This was his first time participating in a trail running race. He mentioned the difference. “It was a ‘runnable’ race. The scenery was great in the country park. Trail running requires more strength techniques and fitness,” said Jia who know shares the same love to both road running and trail running now.

British elite road runner Amy Mumford won the woman’s 12km race in a blistering 1 hour 8 minutes and 59 seconds. She said the country side was beautiful and the course was fantastic. “Everyone was nice and the atmosphere was good too,” Mumford shared. She’s also a mother of five children which makes training a lot more difficult. “I usually do my training from 3 to 4 a.m. and back to prepare their breakfast and take them to school,” Mumford added as she certainly on her squeezed training schedule.

The 50km race is an official Ultra SkyMarathon sanctioned by the International Skyrunning Federation that takes participants on a circumnavigation of Sai Kung East Country Park, plus a smaller loop of Sai Kung West Country Park for a total elevation gain of 2,835 metres. 

The event is organized by Action Asia Events and is possible thanks to the generous support of sponsors: Action X Store, International Skyrunning Federation, Skyrunner National Series, Hoka One One, C3fit, Bonaqua, Royale International, Camelbak, Outdoor Channel, Salonsip, Herbalgy, Cathay Pacific, Santa Fe Relocation, Hong Kong Living Magazine, Lion Rock Brewery, UTMB Qualifier, ITRA,  ALKA12 and The Green Earth. 

Race Results

2018-19 MSIG HK50 Series – 2019 Sai Kung 50

Name – Time

50km Men’s ranking 

1. Guomin Deng – 06:03:03

2. Vlad Ixel – 06:35:47

2. Adrien Konareff – 06:35:47

2. Bin Lang – 06:35:47

5. Andrew Graham – 06:59:34

50km Women’s ranking 

1. Angelika Hahn – 08:10:43

2. Jcy Ho – 08:20:43

3. Fely Bejuna – 08:29:18

4. Shuk Nga Suan Chan – 8:35:34

5. Sze Wan Sham – 8:52:58

22km Men’s ranking 

1. Joseph Dale – 02:03:08

2. Steve Glynn– 02:03:53

3. Ryan Whelan – 02:04:35

22km Women’s ranking 

1. Nicky Inge – 02:35:27

2. Stephabnie Mak – 02:39:46

3. Joosje Hardus – 02:45:23

12km Men’s ranking 

1. Joseph Dale – 01:06:07

2. Steve Glynn– 01:10:16

3. Ryan Whelan – 01:10:46

12km Women’s ranking 

1. Amy Mumford – 01:08:59

2. Mia Bennett– 01:15:41

3. Nataile Webster– 01:20:28


Race Info

Event Name: HK50 Series -   Sai Kung 50 

Date: Saturday, Feb 23, 2019

Start Time:

6:30am - 50 km 

7:00am - 22 km 

7:15am - 12 km

Start Location: Pak Tam Chung Picnic Garden, Sai Kung Country Park

Distance: 12 km, 22 km, 50 km (Ultra SkyMarathon)

Website: www.actionasiaevents.com

About Skyrunning

Since the first extreme races in 1992, the first World Championship in 1998 and the introduction of the Skyrunner World Series in 2003, Skyrunning has grown to become a globally renowned sport governed by the International Skyrunning Federation. In 2015, the Continental Championships were introduced and includes Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and Oceania. The sport is practised in more than 40 nations and counts followers from 126 countries.

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