Race Media


Choo - No Pain No Gain - Singapore Action Asia

Jul 12 / 2016

I always try to re-motivate myself by talking with running buddies

Royale Hot Kayak n Run at Tai Tam

Jul 09 / 2016

did a recce so that today we could run very smoothly and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Gumbley and Pasarello to heat up competition at  MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

Jun 29 / 2016

new course starts and finishes at Chestnut Nature Park

Young at heart - Gei Gei Michael Yong

Jun 16 / 2016

Back in 2005, I weighed 82kg and had a BMI of 26

Fast, intense shortened course

Jun 11 / 2016

It is so cool to finish so fast as the first local team with my daughter in this cool weather

Gatorade Juggernauts Win Royale International Kayak n Run Opener

May 28 / 2016

This race gave us a great opportunity to learn the importance of corporation

Thumbs up for new mtn bike course at C3fit AAC

May 08 / 2016

but what a treat on the new downhill that was just built by AFCD as enjoyed intensely

Craving for Adrenalin Like a Junkie - C3fit AAC

May 05 / 2016

Work hard and play hard

Queen Williams and King Ixel crowned champions of Sprints

Apr 10 / 2016

The 5km up-and-down course was energy-consuming at the beginning as fast paced

Naxi village culture, sticks & views - Yunnan Action Asia Ultra 2016

Mar 31 / 2016

I can't believe how good I feel today. Must still be riding an adrenaline high