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第三度挑戰NISSAN台灣動感亞洲越野賽 越戰越勇

Aug 12 / 2017



Jul 26 / 2017

กิจกรรม MSIG Thailand Action Asia 50 ครั้งแรกจะจัดขึ้นในวันที่ 17 ธันวาคม 2560

A rare chance to race for charity in Doi Inthanon

Jul 26 / 2017

Action Asia Events is the first and only trail running company allowed to hold a charity running event…

Early finish at MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50 due to storm

Jul 15 / 2017

As for my favorite part, it’s absolutely the forest. I love running inside of it and that makes me look…

Ida Lee - Trail running for 16 years and counting

Jul 14 / 2017

I have known some Singapore runners in the past and they are all nice and friendly

From treadmill to ultra 從跑步機上的20分鐘到超長距離越野跑

Jun 30 / 2017

From running 20mins on treadmills, to running ultras

Steven Lee - Off the road they are fit and healthy

Jun 29 / 2017

Once they are addicted to running, they will continue to run so no motivation needed.

Law Chor Kin heat training for Singapore

Jun 26 / 2017

I will train myself around noon to adapt to Singapore

Ivy Thong- F1 Runners’ Team looking forward to MSIG Singapore

Jun 22 / 2017

it is very important to keep hydrated at all times

Mongolia, Nomads, Gers and rivers

Jun 21 / 2017

This was the ultimate Mongolia experience