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Ivy Thong- F1 Runners’ Team looking forward to MSIG Singapore

Jun 22 / 2017

it is very important to keep hydrated at all times

Mongolia, Nomads, Gers and rivers

Jun 21 / 2017

This was the ultimate Mongolia experience

Six-year-old girls make short work of the Action Asia Kayak n Run

Jun 10 / 2017

I have been doing trail running since I moved to Hong Kong 13 years ago and both of us do dragon boating

Tree planting and ultra mountain marathons - Thailand

Jun 05 / 2017

I really love the route, the charity event is so meaningful


May 06 / 2017


Weather clears - A love for trails in the family

May 06 / 2017

As a family, we rarely watch TV


May 05 / 2017


When not working, I'm exercising - Rachel Hui

May 04 / 2017

When I was on trails, it was only me and the mountain. It’s all about determination.

C3fit Bonaqua動感亞洲越野跑步系列賽﹣愉景灣站順利完賽 香港教師何海濤勇奪季軍

Apr 23 / 2017


At 75 no plans to stop running - Pilkington

Apr 23 / 2017

I started to train more seriously when I was 70