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MSIG Development Plan Ng Wai-Hei and Hung Ho-fung win kayak n Run

Jul 07 / 2018

It is very important to have family quality time and family routine between me and my daughter and son


Jul 06 / 2018


Action Asia Kayakers ready to BWET at Tai Tam Bay

Jul 06 / 2018

Action Asia Kayak n Run race helped me to explore the nature and I want to have as much fun as possible.

Road to Scotland - Lunge, Hop, skate up stairs - MSIG

Jun 29 / 2018

5 calf raises every step up x 70+ stairs so that's around 350+ for some serious burning!

MSIG AA Development plan oversea training race - Karen Cheung

Jun 29 / 2018

My other advice would be - enjoy every run!

All about commitment - AA Kayak n Run in assoc w BWET

Jun 29 / 2018

I participated in few of your races last year which were challenging races in Lantau! But this will be…

HK Representatives getting ready for 2018 Skyrunning World Championship

Jun 21 / 2018

Ng’s recent training is a combination of weekly 60km trail running with 3 races

What a Journey - Land of the Blue Sky – Sand, Rocks and Genghis Khan

Jun 21 / 2018

Yes it’s always hard to adjust after an event like this

Though all said I can’t, if I think I can, I will finish

Jun 12 / 2018

The person that knows your body is yourself and not others

Road to Skyrunning world champs with Karen Cheung

Jun 09 / 2018

The Orthopedic doctor is focusing on the Skyrunning World Championship