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MSIG Taiwan Action Asia50 is coming - MSIG台灣 動感亞洲 50“倒計時

Nov 07 / 2016

I balance the training and work well, my life is enriched by them together

Croft on Taiwan and heat 對話「越野女王」 Ruth Croft

Nov 07 / 2016

I was happy with how the race turned out

Pommeret - UTMB winner talks MSIG Lantau

Oct 19 / 2016

They believe on me and they support me!

Extreme Series - World Trail Champs then HK - Haugsnes

Oct 19 / 2016

earned myself not less than five new course records around here

Cody Lind talks MSIG Lantau, GPS and Western States

Oct 18 / 2016

I love hanging out with the community and runners in these races

Skyrunning World Champ/UTMB winner Chaverot knows how to grind thru pain - MSIG Lantau in Dec.

Oct 17 / 2016

I was a former kayak competitor and rock climber always doing outdoor sports

Pippen - Army and mountains - 越野軍人

Oct 17 / 2016


Kiwi Croft (Scott Running/Garmin) in town to add to mix

Oct 17 / 2016

So we decided to scrap the original race plan and use that time to build up my base

Leung - Asian Skyrunning Championship

Sep 27 / 2016

The experience of joining Matterhorn Ultraks in Zermatt gave me insights about fast uphill