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I will never be the quickest runner

Apr 13 / 2017

I like to relax and clear my head

2017希慎健康遠足及跑步賽 春雨助興 順利完賽

Mar 19 / 2017


Runners relish wet, slippery Hysan course

Mar 19 / 2017

The rain made it so nice and cool

What’s Your Expectation - Hysan

Mar 18 / 2017

But this is my first Hysan Healthy Hike and Run race

Friends for 40 years lace up together

Mar 17 / 2017

I would say he is more than an amateur runner

MSIG SK Runners hoping to finish within cut-off

Feb 16 / 2017

It’s my second time to race MSIG Sai Kung 50

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day to running Ultras

Feb 16 / 2017

heavy smoker smoking about 20 cigarettes a day

MSIG Sai Kung 50 will have Pierre-Andre Ferriere in the Field Again

Feb 15 / 2017

quite a fast race with lots of runable parts

French Hoka Elites Martin and Chaverot Crowned Champions of MSIG Lantau 50 Skyrunning Ultra Marathon

Dec 05 / 2016

I had six-year difficult training and now I get my best result