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Getting healthy - Friends family and kids - Hysan Island Hike & Run

Nov 25 / 2017

To promote healthy living and raising funds for Action Asia Foundation

Hysan 希慎港島遠足及跑步賽 香港少年軍招智洋及吳瑋曦晉身三甲

Nov 25 / 2017


2017希慎港島遠足及跑步賽 全新賽道帶您欣賞港島深秋之美

Nov 24 / 2017


Hysan brings healthy running to HK Island with Hike and Run

Nov 24 / 2017

My wife encouraged me to do the race. It will be a fresh challenge for me.

Affindi's attempts MSIG Lantau 50 - Asian Skyrunning Championship

Nov 24 / 2017

The biggest tip is to keep training

Asia’s top runners praise the best, toughest Malaysian trail course ever

Nov 19 / 2017

The race was perfect with clear markings. The course was challenging

MSIG台灣動感亞洲50  Skyrunning認證賽事挑戰跑者身體耐力極限

Nov 11 / 2017


Skyrunners challenged to extremes on MSIG Taiwan Action Asia course

Nov 11 / 2017

Start in darkness was just one of many challenges participants of the 50k race had to conquer through…

越野跑出正面能量 21公里冠軍女將跨步首戰50公里賽事

Nov 08 / 2017