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One of most technical - pure in Taiwan - NISSAN Action Asia X-Trail

Sep 25 / 2016

The damp wet trails are more technical than those in Taichung

Chou Chin Taiwan X-Trail - Enjoys night training

Sep 22 / 2016

For me, it is purely a coincidence to start trail running

Guo Wan-ting: Run with the spirit

Sep 21 / 2016

The three-year trail running has brought nothing but happiness to my life

What attracts Elsa Jean de Dieu to Lantau

Aug 23 / 2016

Actually I have quite a few things that motivate me

Storm passes and sungods come out at MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

Jul 16 / 2016

I am proud of my performance. I am sure I will come next year to the MSIG Singapore Action Asia race

Singapore Foo power

Jul 14 / 2016

I go into a race never aiming for a podium finish

Choo - No Pain No Gain - Singapore Action Asia

Jul 12 / 2016

I always try to re-motivate myself by talking with running buddies

Royale Hot Kayak n Run at Tai Tam

Jul 09 / 2016

did a recce so that today we could run very smoothly and enjoy the beautiful scenery

Gumbley and Pasarello to heat up competition at  MSIG Singapore Action Asia 50

Jun 29 / 2016

new course starts and finishes at Chestnut Nature Park

Young at heart - Gei Gei Michael Yong

Jun 16 / 2016

Back in 2005, I weighed 82kg and had a BMI of 26