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Sep 14 / 2013

Taiwan winner Petr Novotny looks back on Maokong trail race

Novotny - OtterBox Action Asia X-Trail - Snakes & Monkeys 

I love running in Taiwan, I can explore the inaccessible beautiful places. My favorite locations are Wulai烏來 (south of Taiwan) and mountains around Puli,埔里 (centre of Taiwan) and sometimes go to the familiar mountain which is Yamingshan. If you are interested in moving in pure nature where you could meet monkeys, be scared by wild pig or be afraid of snakes, then you can visit them via difficult and dense flora. I do this and moving (sometimes cannot talk about running) on these trails begun be part of my life, my training.

By coincidence I live in Taipei close to Maokong and some road and paths are familiar to me. I run occasionally there at the evening when I finished in university (NTU) or also very early welcome new day by running with my girlfriend there. If I have time I used to run 60 to 80 km per week, but sometimes impossible do it because stuff in university. During weekend try go out for long runs, and explore nice direction.

AA X-Trail race in Maokong provide enjoying from moving in trails with no easy descent and also no easy ascent, if you add Taiwan weather, whether huge raining or hot temperatures, this race can show you new face of running. Who doesn’t know this will fail! Fast moving here requires full concentration on you steps and also walking up is not shame in many terrains. All of course is not easy, nowhere run flat, but most difficult part is final asphalt road ascent and then final steps to the level of Zhinan temple. This is really shock for your muscle after 15 km of goatish running. J

I usually fell not bad before race, but before race in Maokong I was quite nervous because wanted try defend my second place from last year and expected good runners from HK; but finally did first place overall. Next year will come again, will be more difficult, because the race begin famous and many young and good runners will join. But this is very good, love challenge and young runners are not usually used to run this kind of terrain, good for fast Taiwanese.

After race felt very touch, very touch for my primacy, but also for others friends which did it. Drink beer with others after race is amazing; everybody has same feeling frequency after race… Awarding was not bad, but sometimes didn’t know if it was just for making picture or receive awards, nevermind. Prizes were also not bad, my girlfriend has new trail shoes and indestructible cover for iPad developed of main sponsor Otter BoX, thanks them for this race by this paragraphs. Anyway, please keep Kaoliang between prizes for next years, many people don’t like it, but nevermind. J I have source of alcohol for new Chinese year.

I also got very special offer, invitation to race in HK which will be held in October 5th, but in this time have also race in Hehuanshan high mountains 44 km (but only road). I am interest in races of Action Asian held on December 13 or March 14 for their distance and vertical ascent/descent. Wish go there and meet with domestic runners.


M.Sc. Petr Novotný

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