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Mar 08 / 2013

Warren Warner/Paul Dingley (2XU Enduro) AAC 13

Warren Warner and Paul Dingley of 2XU Enduro said it was one of best and well organized events they had participated in. Mike’s course design was superb which included beautiful scenery and extremely challenging run, bike and swim sections.

The pace was full on right from the starter’s gun with an 800 m out and back run along the beach and then a 400m swim. Swimming with climbing gear, trail shoes and a life jacket was a lot trickier than the aero triathlon swim suits we normally wear.  We had a great swim though, and were in second place at the start of the kayak and managed to edge into first by the time we rounded the peninsular and arrived at the beach. Being a long day, we had decided before the start that we would take it easy on the first run section and leave plenty of fuel in the tank for the longer bike section later on. Our map saved us after getting lost on the run and we got back to the beach in second spot just behind Pierre and Cosmo. The kayak back to the bike transition was solid; we nailed the special math’s test (lots of laughs on the kayak trying to figure out the answer), so skipped the 20 press up penalty and headed off on the bike with Cosmo and Pierre in sight. This was unfortunately the last time we saw them until the finish line.

Being road bikers we loved the challenge that the mountain bike trail had to offer, but did more trail running than actual cycling. I went over the handlebars a few times and Warren kept disappearing off the trail and then reappearing again saying “Dingle, geez I love this adventure racing stuff”. We lost seven minutes on the first bike leg and with a longer section still to come; we knew then that it was second place that we were racing for. The 5km trail run was awesome and we managed to get back to the bikes within half an hour.  On the bikes again and within fifteen minutes we watched in awe as Alastair and Simon (Simon and Garfunkel) of team 2XU Adventure flew past us an a section that that we had already dismounted for and were about to run down. Warren shouted out “geez Dingle, we better start running a lot quicker”. We arrived at bike transition in fourth place with a short trail run, abseil and 2km rock scramble left. We got through the abseil portion without any issues but lost a lot of skin on the rock scramble back to the beach. We were thrilled with fourth place and ended up with a time of 3hrs 54, 4 minutes behind Alistair and Simon who nailed second spot.

Thank you Action Asia, all the volunteers and Mike for organizing such a brilliant adventure race and we will definitely be back next year to try and get on the podium.

Best regards,


Paul Dingley

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