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Warming' Up - By Dr David Cosman

Sep 13 / 2016

The idea of an effective warm up is that the nerves in fascia

Eight weeks to the race

Apr 26 / 2015

A common problem after the first race-day is pesky knee pain (patella tendon and/or ITB irritation)

Vlad Ixel tips on HK50 race week preparation for runners

Oct 18 / 2014

RACE WEEK tips from ultra runner Vlad Ixel

Training tips for MSIG HK50 and Ultras by Guido

Oct 14 / 2013

Training and preparing for your first MSIG HK50

Mongolia tips for Ultra trainingoc

May 22 / 2013

Training and preparing for Mongolia three day ultra: the land of desserts, horses and yurts

Adventure Sprint Series Aficionado: An interview with Claire Chapman

Apr 19 / 2013

“I remember being completely bemused by the fact you swam through a river within minutes of starting…

The Gut & Immunity Connection - Physiology in Athletes

Aug 21 / 2012

Distance runners commonly experience digestive problems including burning pain, sharp pains, and sudden…


Dec 06 / 2010

Pre-race, aside from calming jittery nerves and talking tactics, most athletes do some half-hearted stretching…

Knee Pain & Foot Orthotics

Nov 11 / 2009

Knee pain is not always caused by a single specific injury. Twisting stresses to the knees can be a…