03 May, 2020

34 Days

2020 - Bonaqua HILX Action SPRINT Trail Series SAI KUNG, Hong Kong

 03 May, 2020
 Sai Kung, Hong Kong Trail run and hiking options

Overview 精華片段




Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series

The Sprints are back - since 2003 these events have been part of the Hong Kong running scene with fair cut-offs for all on well marked courses easy to follow. Will continue on similiar courses as previous, but with NO river gullies due to the new AFCD restrictions across Hong Kong. We completely disagree with the new regulations, but are not in a position to do anything at the moment and due hope that next year that restrictions are eased and we can get back our old courses that you all have enjoyed and supported over the past 17 years of Sprints we've organized by Action Asia Events


Race 1 - Repulse Bay - April 26, 2020 (14km & 9km) - 2 distances (note 9km is Violet Hill loop)

Race 2 - Sai Kung - May 3, 2020 (12km)

Race 3 - Discovery Bay - May 17, 2020 (12km & 9km) - 2 distances (note 9km is WITHOUT Lo Fu Tau - Tigers Head)


Bonaqua Action X 動感亞洲越野跑步比賽 2020

動感亞洲越野跑步比賽 再度回歸! 自2003年起,賽事在相近的賽道持續舉行,但現在因漁護署的新限制,賽道已不再包括溪澗路段。有關措施我們絕對不同意,但現階段沒有什麼能做到,只希望來年措施可以放寬,重回曾經舉辦13年賽道。


淺水灣 - 2020年4月26日 (14公里及9公里) - 兩個距離

西貢 - 2020年5月3日 (12公里)

愉景灣 - 2020年5月17日 (12公里及9公里) - 兩個距離


34 Days

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