03 Oct, 2021


2021 - CBRE Lantau 2 Peaks

 03 Oct, 2021
 Citygate, Tung Chung, Hong Kong Trail run

Event Info 賽事簡介



Event Name:


CBRE Lantau 2 Peaks

CBRE 大嶼山兩峰賽



Oct 3, 2021 (Sunday)

2021年10月3日 (星期日)

Start Time:


7:30 a.m (23km), 7:35 am (15km) - wave starts

早上7:30 (23公里), 早上7:35 (15公里) - wave starts



Citygate, Tung Chung, Hong Kong SAR, China

東薈城, 東涌, 香港



23km (2 Peaks), 15km (half peak)

23公里 (兩峰) ,15公里 (半峰)



Trail Running, Fast Hiking



Pandemic measures - Due to the pandemic there will be precautionary measures related to COVID-19 to be taken by the Organiser at this event including all participants must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (i.e. receiving two doses 14 days before event), which is the entry requirement of the race. Participants are required to upload their vaccination records during online enrolment or shortly after to google link provided. https://forms.gle/Tm72qFmJVpawXgwn6  Participants are also required to show the vaccination records on the event day for checking as and when required.

Vaccinated record upload link - After you register please upload your proof of vaccination record to https://forms.gle/Tm72qFmJVpawXgwn6

PCR Link to upload within 48 hours of event - PCR Test Upload Link:  https://forms.gle/xTsrDiCc6F4ue2zZ7

Face masks must be worn at start and finish area. Quota 500.

Full precautionary measures have been uploaded as a pdf to this page including wave starts.

Latest news - please note the HK Government now is requesting all participants take a PCR test within 48 hours of the race and have the PCR test results available on race day for checking when required. We recommend the cheapest way to do this is choose one of the govt locations across Hong Kong (HKD 240) at https://www.communitytest.gov.hk/en/ as need to do within 48hrs of event). The Hong Kong government can change the health regulations at any time without any notice. 


Weather - This race will NOT be cancelled in any type of weather unless Typhoon 8 signal is hoisted at 5am on race morning, but please see weather update info in Rules & Regulations tab. A message will be put up on website if cancelled latest 5am race morning. If postponed the race will be rescheduled.

Back up date -  if postponed due to bad weather is Oct 14, 2021. If that is still an issue for any reason then a new date will be applied for in 2021.

Course - anti-clockwise this year with Lantau Peak first this year going up the Ngong Ping 360 stairs then over Sunset Peak and down Wong Lung Hang Valley for 23km course, similiar as previous years.

15km course up 360 rescue trail to Nei Lek Shan, contouring Nei Lek Shan and down thru the monasteries of Tei Tong Tsai to Shek Mun Kap and returning to Tung Chung. 

(see map in download pdf section and read full description in Course section this website).


Training is needed for 23 km Lantau 2 peaks category 
Please make sure you do hill training before competing in this 23km category as you will be climbing some of the biggest peaks in Hong Kong.



Luggage - Note there will be NO luggage check this year due to pandemic health regulations as in the past 2021 events this wasn't approved by the HKSAR pandemic measures.


Rules & Regulations - see tab on left before you enter.

* Organizer has right to change medal, trophy, shirts, and other materials to tailor make for sponsor requests.

Shirt (draft only)

Visor for each participant in 2021


2020 participants - Email will be sent to you with update by mid August 2021.

Winners' trophy

Lantau 2 Peaks

疾情安排 -由於疾情關系,比賽將採取與 COVID-19 相關的預防措施,包括所有參與者必須完全接種 COVID-19 疫苗(即在活動前 14 天接種兩劑),這是比賽的入場要求。參與者必須在網上報名期間或不久後上傳他們的疫苗接種記錄到以下鏈接:  https://forms.gle/Tm72qFmJVpawXgwn6  




是次活動參加者名額 500。

完整的預防措施已以 pdf 格式上傳到此頁面,包括起步安排。


最新消息 - 請注意,香港政府現要求所有參賽者在比賽開始後 48 小時內進行 PCR 檢測,並在比賽當天提供 PCR 檢測結果,以便在需要時進行檢查。我們建議最平的方法是選擇香港政府地點之中心(港幣 240),網址為 https://www.communitytest.gov.hk/en/,需要在活動前 48 小時內完成)。香港政府可隨時更改衛生條例,恕不另行通知。



防疾措施 -大會將在本次活動中採取與 COVID-19 相關的預防措施,包括所有參與者必須完全接種 COVID-19 疫苗(即在比賽前 14 天完成接種兩劑),這是比賽的入場要求。參加者需要在網上登記時上傳疫苗接種記錄。他們亦須在活動當日出示疫苗接種記錄,以便在有需要時查閱。必須在起點和終點區域佩戴口罩。完整的預防措施資訊將很快上傳。


後備日期:如果有任何天氣或其他原因比賽要改期,大會現時安排了後備日期於十月十四日。  如後備日期也要改就要再稍後通知。

比賽路線 – 今屆比賽將以逆時針方向進行,23公里參賽者先經昂平360救援徑登上鳳凰,再經大東山及黃龍坑返回終點。路線與過去數年接近。




(請參閱 “Download pdf” 的地圖及比賽路線的詳細資料。)










* 主辦單位保留因應贊助商要求更改獎牌、獎盃、紀念服及其他物品權利。


行李寄存 –待確定中。因政府之前防疾安排關系,未必有行李寄存。 


天氣 – 比賽不會因天氣取消,比賽當天早上5時懸掛8號颱風訊號除外。有關惡劣天氣安排,請參閱”規則與條款”頁。如賽事於比賽當天早上5時前因天氣取消,將於本網站公佈,賽事將會延期舉行。

Lantau 2 Peaks

疾情安排 -由於疾情關系,比賽將採取與 COVID-19 相關的預防措施,包括所有參與者必須完全接種 COVID-19 疫苗(即在活動前 14 天接種兩劑),這是比賽的入場要求。參與者必須在網上報名期間或不久後上傳他們的疫苗接種記錄到以下鏈接:  https://forms.gle/Tm72qFmJVpawXgwn6  



是次活動參加者名額 500

完整的預防措施已以 pdf 格式上傳到此頁面,包括起步安排。


最新消息 - 請注意,香港政府現要求所有參賽者在比賽開始後 48 小時內進行 PCR 檢測,並在比賽當天提供 PCR 檢測結果,以便在需要時進行檢查。我們建議最平的方法是選擇香港政府地點之中心(港幣 240),網址為https://www.communitytest.gov.hk/en/,需要在活動前 48 小時內完成)。香港政府可隨時更改衛生條例,恕不另行通知。