30 Apr-02 May, 2022

99 Days

2022 - LUGU LAKE - Yunnan Sichuan Action Asia 3 day Ultra 60 & 100

 30 Apr-02 May, 2022
 LUGU LAKE, Yunnan Sichuan, China Trail hike and run options

Overview 精華片段

******stay tuned as receiving weekly updates from Yunnan trying to see if it will be possible in 2021 but looking more and more will be pushed

back to 2022 the way the pandemic is playing out and the slow rate of vaccination. But this event will happen.****

CLICK ON LINK NOW FOR FULL REGISTRATION and remember to bring some school books on this trip or money to purchase local school supplies as schools will appreciate. If you can arrive 1 night before better to acclimatize in Kunming or Lijiang if you can afford to take an extra day off work. If not just make sure you are well hydrated and bring some panadol as 1st day is 2600m. After 9 years in Yunnan one thing Action Asia Events can tell you is around 90% of participants are fine on 1st day, but always around 10% will be lightheaded 1st day if coming from sea-level location like Singapore/Taipei/Hong Kong/Tokyo etc so bring some panadol and make sure you are very well hydrated and get a good sleep in the 48 hours before you arrive.

Located on the North West Yunnan plateau near Sichuan border, this new mountain region is inhabited by many minority ethnic groups, such as the Mosuo, Yi, Norzu, Pumi and Tibetans.

The course will have both a 60km (20km/20km/20km) option and 100km (40km/40km/20km) option. Elevation height each day ranges from 2700m - 3400m for 100km and 2700m - 3200m for 60km.

AAE VIP code available for participants who have participated in 2012 -2020 Action Asia Events OVERSEAS 3 day Ultra Marathons. Enjoy a 15% off discount rate to enter 2021 - LUGU LAKE - Yunnan Sichuan Action Asia 3 day Ultra 60 & 100. Please use this VIP code: VIPLugu15 when you register online (key in the code before you check out).


99 Days

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