29 Apr-01 May, 2023

205 Days

2023 - LUGU LAKE - Yunnan Sichuan Action Asia 3 day Ultra 60 & 100

 29 Apr-01 May, 2023
 LUGU LAKE, Yunnan Sichuan, China Trail hike and run options

Equipment List 裝備

*Mandatory equipment to be carried when racing each day – per person (watch this space for updates):

- hydration system (min 1.5 litre capacity) camelbak style drinking system or carrying bottle system
- First aid kit with basic essentials for cuts (bandages, tape, antiseptic)
- Rain jacket (lightweight Salomon, North Face, Icebreaker recommended)
- Running shoes - Trail running shoes with good grip recommended (example - Inov-8, Salomon, North Face, Brooks, Hoka)
- Food/energy bars/dried fruit/nuts etc to get you thru 5-10 hours each day (estimate time for 40km)
- 1 x emergency freeze dried meal or noodle pack that you can add hot water at a village or an emergency bag of EXTRA food OR EXTRA 300 calories of food.
- 1 x water purification tablets
- headlamp with spare batteries
- Whistle
- Anti-inflamatory medication or aspirin to relieve mild headaches and leg pain (example-Ibuprofen)
- sun cream

- emergency blanket

Recommended items:

- hiking poles
- ziplock bag to keep map dry
- sleeping bag (min 10C rating) - (Hotel has blankets so not necessary but more for hygiene reasons)
- 1 x headlamp with new batteries
- snacks if normal meals are not enough
- headlamp, flashlight or torch for the village at night
- extra batteries
- mosquito repellent
- energy food for you to do race (nuts, dried fruit, peanuts, Chinese crackers, etc)
- energy bars or gels for three days
- energy powder replacement packets to add to water for your electrolytes or Nuun tablets
- hat with neck cover for running
- lubricant gel or vaseline for chafing prevention
- lightweight camera in waterproof bag
- flip flop sandals for after race
- blister kit


Note: Can purchase food were we are staying.

205 Days

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