17 May, 2020


2020 - Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series, DBay, Lantau, Hong Kong Postponed new date coming

 17 May, 2020
 Discovery Bay, Lantau, Hong Kong Trail run and hiking options

Event Info 賽事簡介

Postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Update coming hopefully this month on new potential rescheduled date. Most likely will be postponed later in summer early fall so please don't register for now. Keep practicing social distancing and keep your hands clean while wearing face masks around others. 

Event Name: 


Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series, DBay, Lantau, Hong Kong

Bonaqua Action X 動感亞洲越野跑步賽 – 愉景灣



May 17, 2020 (Sunday)

2020年5月17日 (星期日)

Start Time:


8:00 am

早上 8:00



Discovery Bay South Plaza, Lantau,  Hong Kong




9 km, 12 km




Hiking & trail running on adventure trail route, ocean coastlines, beach & mtn climb (Lo Fu Tau) - No helmet needed

遠足/ 越野跑,穿越海岸線,沙灘跑及登山(老虎頭)等 - 不用配載頭盔



To see beautiful scenery off the main trails and into locations people don't usually go




Race start and suspension, stoppage policy.. (see also Rules & Regulations for most updated)

1. T8 is up 2 hrs [before] race start. Race cancelled.

2. T3  is up 15 mins before race start, decision to start made on course conditions and other prevailing weather factors eg. TS warning up, lightning .   Will base any postponement, cancellation on the key course marshals in various positions on the course and forerunners to provide feedback before the event start.  

3.  Thunderstorms. If TS  warning is in place 15 minutes before the start, the start will be postponed until thunderstorm is cancelled and then restarted at later time in same day. If TS warning goes up during event, then participants will be asked to finish at next checkpoint for the official finish time and then, unless so directed by the CP leader of an alternate race course, the participants will have to make their way back to start/finish where their bags are. Participants should have cash/octopus card - mandatory equipment.

比賽開始、暫停以及停賽政策 (同時請參閱規則與條款最新更新)

1.如在比賽前兩小時天文臺發出 8 號風球預警。 比賽將被取消。

2.如在比賽前15分鐘天文臺發出3號風球預警到達,則由賽道狀況及其他天氣狀況決定是否開賽, 例如:雷暴預警、閃電。

3. 雷暴。 如果雷暴預警於比賽開始前15分鐘到達,比賽將被推遲。 雷暴預警取消後,比賽將在當日晚些時候重新啟動。 如果雷暴預警在比賽期間加強,參賽者則需要在下一個檢查站登記正式結束時間。 除非檢查站人員有其他指示,參賽者則需要回到起點或終點取回行李。 參賽者必須攜帶現金或八達通—必備物品。


Race pack pick up 
CLICK "Race Pack pick up on left menu to see schedule for pick up on this webpage" (To be uploaded). Note - HK$150 service charge for anyone picking up race pack on race morning if not picking up during race pack pick dates.  (Unless valid ID proving you live in Macau/Mainland China or other country participant with valid ID/passport for proof).

請點擊本網頁左方”參賽物品及領取方式”查閱有關領取跑手包資料 (即將上載)。主辦單位將收取代$150服務費,如參加者未能於領取跑手包日期領取跑手包。能於比賽日提供護照及身份証明的海外、澳門及內地選手除外。


Race Numbers & Singlets
You will be given your Race number & pins in your race pack which must be worn somewhere visible on the FRONT of you. Inside the race pack you’ll also get a souvenir singlet quick dry shirt, which we encourage you to wear in the race to help us keep the sponsorship with them.

Name display on race bib only available for participants registering on or before April 12, 2019.



Name display on race bib only available for participants registering on or before April 12, 2019.

Getting to Discovery Bay:

Discovery Bay has an excellent ferry service running every 30-40 minutes to Central.
From Central (In front of Exchange Square opposite IFC Mall footbridge) Pier 3.

6:30 am the ferry will be leaving Central Saturday Sunday morning and takes around 25 minutes. GET THERE EARLY AS MANY PEOPLE USING FERRY.

Check ferry schedule as can change.


Buses: run between Tung Chung (DB01R) (6:25am, 6:55am, 7:20am), Sunny Bay (DB03R) (6:40am, 7:00am, 7:20am) and Discovery Bay almost every 20 minutes. (DOUBLE CHECK WEBSITE FOR UPDATED BUS TIMES AS CHANGED FREQUENTLY.)

Check www.hkri.com under “Useful information” for exact schedule.





中環3號碼頭 (交易廣場前IFC天橋對面)


星期六班次為早上6:30, 由中環碼頭開出,船程約25分鐘。建議參賽者提前到達,避免擠迫。


往來東涌港鐵站(DB01R) (6:25am, 6:55am, 7:20am) ,欣澳港鐵站(DB03R) (6:40am, 7:00am, 7:20am) 與愉景灣,約20分鐘一班。(請查閱渡輪時間表(班次不定期更新))


請查閱 www.hkri.com 內 “Useful information” 有關最新之班次.