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09 Feb, 2018

Every time you cross the finish line the mind grows stronger - Bedaux on MSIG Sai Kung 50

Every time you cross the finish line the mind grows stronger

- Bedaux on MSIG Sai Kung 50 

"4 years of trail running has made me a mentally and physically stronger man."

1. How many times have you participated in our races? Why do you join MSIG Sai Kung 50?

I’ve joined Lantau 2 Peaks (twice); MSIG Lantau (twice); MSIG Sai Kung (once) and MSIG HK Island (once).

I’m joining MSIG Sai Kung because I really enjoy this trail - Sai Kung very much which is my favorite playground and it’s a great opportunity to spend a day out on the trails without having to worry about food and drinks!


2. What got you into trail running?

I moved to Hong Kong over 6 years ago. Since I am from the Netherlands which is probably the flattest country in the world. I immediately fell in love with the mountains. It started with a few hikes in the weekends but when these started to get a bit boring I started to run bits and pieces. Right around that time (approx. 4 years ago) my friend (who became my girlfriend through trail running) and myself thought it would have been a good idea to join the OTW. After finishing that race in just under 25hrs - our passion with trail running took off and we’ve been running +10 races a year.


3. How have trail running changed your life? How to balance the daily work and pre-race training?        

Apart from the strong legs and health advantages, (I’m now way more fitter and in better shape than I was 4 years ago) it did enhance my respect for and need to be in and around nature. More importantly it made me mentally so much stronger. Ultra marathons are 50% body and 50% mind. I’ve suffered and I’ve wanted to quit a million times but every time you cross the finish line, whether it is a 16km-21km-55km or 100km race, your mind grow a little stronger.


4. How do you encourage your familyfriends or other people to join trail running? 

Friends and families who visit always join us on a hike before leaving Hong Kong. (Morning trail up the peak - Tigers Head on Lantau or Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung - they’ve seen it all.)

Next to that we always encourage and invite friends to join the races we do. Some of them run half marathons when we do full, some of them are up for the challenge and go for the full marathons which is always amazing.


5. What are your expectations for this race? 

I’m currently not in my best shape so I do not expect to run any records. Nevertheless, if temperature stays as low as it currently is, I do hope I can get close to the time that I ran last year on that beautiful but hot and humid day. Let’s see!



1. 參加過多少場動感亞洲的比賽為什麼會選擇參加MSIG西貢 50

我參加過多場動感亞洲的賽事﹐包括各兩次的大嶼山兩峰賽和MSIG大嶼山50 ﹐各 一次的MSIG 西貢50和MSIG 香港50。而這次我決定參加MSIG 西貢50是因為西貢是我最喜愛的地方﹐我十分喜歡這條景色宜人的賽道。加上賽事當天Action Asia Event會設置補給站供應食物和飲料﹐所以到時候也是一個絕佳的機會讓我沒有後顧之憂地盡情去享受比賽和大自然。














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