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13 Mar, 2018

Advice planning and training from Stone

Advice from Trail Elite Stone Tsang on how to enjoy nature and running in the coming Bonaqua C3fit Action SPRINT Trail Series

越野名將曾小強向新手分享如何掌握及享受下週六開賽的Bonaqua C3fit 動感亞洲越野跑步系列賽

1. Could you please advise runners on how to do short distance races when they are too busy to train before the race?

Advice would be planning our training into our everyday life. For example, you could run back home after work, or perhaps getting a station or two earlier from work for a little jog. If you live or work on a high building, you could even do some power hiking on stairs to get some hill woks. Another advice would be going out to real trails that go up and down and some technical trails on weekend with friends, enjoy the little adventure. 3 runs a week should also be enough to prepare you for the race.


2. How to have fun and enjoy races for some beginners?

You don’t need to win but enjoy or have fun in a race, what’s important is the process of running. As a beginner, a suggestion would be starting off in a slow yet steady pace. During the race, I would recommend runners to wear a shoe that has the right amount of traction or even bring some water in long distance runs. While running, relax and feel the connection with the nature, feel the wind’s breeze blow through your face and I am sure you would have an enjoyable time. Of course, having sufficient amount of training would also make the race more enjoyable as there would be less suffering.

你不一定要勝出比賽,而是要享受比賽的樂趣,而最重要的絕對是跑步的過程。我建議初學者需以緩慢而穩定的步伐開賽。同時跑手最好於比賽時穿一雙具有合適的摩擦力的跑鞋以及帶備一些水,因為10公里越野賽的完賽時間往往是10公里路跑賽的兩倍。 賽事進行時要放鬆身心,感受微風吹過你的臉,感受與大自然的聯繫,以盡情享受比賽。 當然,賽前有足夠的訓練量也能讓你更加輕鬆,因為艱苦作賽的感覺也會相對減少。



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