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27 Jun, 2019

From Laos Ultra to Tai Tam Bay Kayak N Run Jean De Dieu & Epinette

From Laos Ultra to Tai Tam Bay Kayak N Run – Jean De Dieu and Epinette keep returning

HONG KONG, June 27, 2019 – With strong return, French Elsa Jean De Dieu and Antoine Epinette from Team Uglow Submarine, the two frequent winners of numerous editions will once again challenge Kayak n Run -Tai Tam Bay on Saturday, 29th June 2019.

Jean De Dieu shared: “We are big fans of outdoor activities and especially Action Asia races and it would be really hard for us to tell you how many times because for me, I started joining Action Asia races races almost 10 years ago in Laos.” Speaking of the reason about teaming up again with Epinette, she said: “It’s always fun to participate in Action Asia Kayak N Run races and even if I haven’t done a single kayak training. Antoine an I have done many team races so we know exactly how to support each other and get stronger together.”

Antoine aslo shared: “We would join the race again because of the challenge and friendship. We are part of the Uglow running team and we just love doing races as a team. Plus, Action Asia Kayak N Run races are really fun, going through very natural and wild paths make the race challenging.”

Two categories will be offered in the race: Family teams will kayak around Tai Tam Bay for 2km then leave the kayak at CP1 near the pier in front of the Scout Centre and start a 3km run to go out to CP2 in Tai Tam Tuk and back to the finish line. The Family Category starts at 8:00 am which is designed for parents and kids to paddle for fun.

As for the 9:00 am adult category, the Adult Race will start with kayaking at Tai Tam Tuk, a 4km ocean kayak leg out to Windy Gap, then kayaking to To Tei Wan. After that, followed by a 6-km trail running session to different check points, passing near the 284m Shek O Peak on Dragon’s Back, Shek O Country Park. Then, a final 2 km ocean kayak back to Tai Tam Bay.

From the Active Atoms Family Team, the 6-year-old Vani Hui is the youngest participant in the race. The Tai Tam Bay race will be the first race with her mother Katherine Pang, Pang said: “This is my daughter, Vani’s first Action Asia race. She did two obstacle races before and she enjoyed the races very much. Once she turned 6 years old, we decided to let her try a more interesting race – Action Asia Kayak n Run – Tai Tam Bay.”

Asking about how to encourage the 6-year-old daughter to team up with herself, she said: “Vani enjoys outdoor activities as we have been taking Vani to go hiking, swimming and try a few times of kayaking since she was a little kid. All our family are very active and sometimes I would join outdoor races with my husband. So Vani would like to try doing a race as well and that’s why we teamed up for the Kayak n Run -Tai Tam Bay.”

Local participant, Kengi from team SK2, is joining the Action Asia Kayak N Run races for the second time with teammate Shirley in the Tai Tam Bay race. She shared: “My first Kayak N Run race was the 2016 Discovery Bay Action Asia Events race. I found the kayaking race very interesting so registered for it. I felt so great after the race as I could do kayaking and trail running at the same time. Even I was quite slow and the last team, but still could finish the race. I would like to try other race course so Tai Tam Bay race is my choice this year. To me, I won’t expect too much, I just hope to challenge myself on Saturday and will be satisfied if I can complete the whole race!”

The Action Asia Kayak N Run Series – Tai Tam Bay could not happen without the generous support of Action X Store, C3fit, Salonsip, Herbalgy, Watsons Water, Key Sun Zinke, RID, Lorence & Company and Banano.

Race Info

Event Name

Action Asia Kayak N Run Series –Tai Tam Bay


June 29, 2019 (Saturday)

Start Time

8:00 am. for Family Category

9:00 am. for Adult Category

Start Location

Tai Tam Tuk, Tai Tam Bay, Hong Kong Island (South side), Hong Kong


Family Category: 2km kayak & 3km run

Adult Category: 4km kayak & 6km run & 2km kayak


Kayaking and running along the beautiful Tai Tam Bay coastline to Hobie Cat Beach and over Dragons Back


To see beautiful scenery off the main trails, beaches and into locations people don't usually go.


For more race details, please visit below:








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