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22 May, 2022

Stone wins in his backyard - Vadovicova takes Women’s at Goodman Healthy Hike & Run

Stone wins in his backyard while Vadovicova takes Women’s in Goodman Healthy Hike & Run

HONG KONG, Sunday May 22, 2022 – As one of the trail runners’ all-time favorite races, the Goodman Healthy Hike & Run was given permission to take place Sunday, May 22, after earlier postponement due to the pandemic with over 200 participants entering. Sticking with its popular and inclusive format, the event encourages participation from people of all ages and running abilities. With a focus on leaving no trace and carrying for the environment around the beautiful hiking trail around Tai Lam, the event once again offered three race categories – 5 km, 13km and 19km.

Hong Kong’s “Stone” Tsang Siu Keung grabbed the overall 19km win making it look easy as was trailing behind Leung Siu Pang around the 16km mark and took the lead in the final 3km pacing himself well. “This is my backyard as live close by and train here. Very beautiful racecourse. I really enjoyed today as good weather, nice course design and I believe this is my first real race in 3 years. Thank you so much Action Asia and Goodman for making it happen as the feeling of competing with runners seems familiar, but also a bit strange, anyway, I really enjoyed it as so happy to meet runners and chat with them” said overall 19km winner Tsang winning in 1 hour 41 minutes 46 seconds.

Hong Kong’s Leung Siu Pang grabbed 2nd overall in 1:43:15, with Matt Leng (Cambodia) grabbing 3rd overall in 1:44:50, Bernard Lee (Hong Kong) taking 4th overall in 1:45:34 and Jason Jia (Australia) taking 5th place overall in 1:46:25.

Grabbing the overall Women’s 19km title was Slovakian national - HK resident Veronika Vadovicova winning in 1 hour 44 minutes 50 seconds breaking the course record. “I’ve been living in HK almost 3 years. Today’s course was really nice very runnable and very fast we were lucky not to have sun so it wasn’t too hot even though we are near the end of May so overall super nice feelings, very good atmosphere and so happy to be racing again after such a long time because of Covid, yeah thank you everyone for putting this on” said overall Womens’ winner Vadovicova.

Wang Yuen Suen from Hong Kong took 2nd overall in the women’s in 2:09:28, Sherrin Loh (Australia) grabbed 3rd overall in the Women’s in 2:14:27, Kam Hay (Hong Kong) took 4th overall in 2:15:47 with Leung Woon Ping taking 5th overall in 2:17:24.

Goodman, the global industrial property expert is our title sponsor for this year’s event. Goodman believes the sustainability of our planet and the wellbeing of all the people in it are everyone’s responsibility.

Michael Maddess the Director of Action Asia Events said, “We are very grateful to Goodman for taking part and making this event possible. It is our great pleasure to partner with Goodman, a company that leads by example through its commitment to supporting and improving the wellbeing of the community and making the world a better place to live.”

Kristoffer Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, Greater China at Goodman Group, said, “Congratulations to Action Asia on a successful event. We were very pleased to complete the race with so many energetic and inspiring individuals and families from the Hong Kong community. We are so fortunate in Hong Kong to have a fabulous environment in which we can stage wonderful events like this.   

We would like to thank our colleagues, partners, families of Goodman, all the participants and Action Asia for making this sustainable event possible by leaving zero waste and reducing plastic pollution. It is our sincere hope that the success of the Goodman Healthy Hike & Run will inspire and encourage more people in the community to go outdoors and stay healthy while contributing to the protection of our environment.”

The Goodman Healthy Hike & Run set off from Tai Tong Shan Road BBQ area at 7:30am with the 19km/ 13km / 5km runners starting in waves, wearing face masks for the first 100m and gettting PCR and R.A.T. tests before the race due to government regulations. After heading into Tai Lam Country Park, the three routes went separate ways with all looping back to the Yuen Tun trail and finish where the race began with the 19km enjoying a loop all the way around the majestic Tai Lam Chung reservoir.

The event is organized by Action Asia Events and is possible thanks to the generous support of sponsors: Goodman, Action X Store, Watsons Water, Royale International, YAS Microinsurance, Salonpas, Herbalgy, C3fit, SaveWo, BeKind and Ocean Recovery Alliance as the beneficiary.


Overall Category - BIB - First Name Last Name - Nationality Team / Sponsor Race Time

19km - Overall Men’s Top 5


1. (#141) Siu Keung Tsang (曾小強) - (HKSAR) -- 1:41:46

2. (#182) Siu Pang Leung (梁兆鵬) - (HKSAR) -- 1:43:15

3. (#170) Matt Leng (Cambodia) -- 1:44:50

4. (#153) Bernard Lee  (李子健) (HKSAR) -- 1:45:34

5 (#120) Jason Jia (Australia) -- 1:46:25


19km - Overall Women’s Top 5


1. (#121) Veronika Vadovicova (Slovakia)... -- 1:44:50

2. (#123) YUEN SUEN WANG (王菀瑄) (HKSAR) -- 2:09:28

3. (#160) Sherrin Loh (Australia) -- 2:14:27

4. (#122) Hay Kam  (金熙雯) (HKSAR) -- 2:15:47

5. (#175) Woon Ping Leung ( 梁煥平)  (HKSAR) -- 2:17:24


13km - Overall Men’s Top 5


1. (#379) Max Lau (HKSAR) -- 1:04:33

2. (#384) Ka Sing Cheng (HKSAR) -- 1:05:21

3. (#380) King Fung Lau (HKSAR) -- 1:05:43

4. (#364) Limbu Yamanath (Nepal) -- 1:07:10

5. (#365) Kin Wai Yeung (HKSAR) -- 1:12:47


13km - Overall Women’s Top 5


1. (#360) Karen Lui (HKSAR) -- 1:20:19

2. (#322) Justine Clark (UK) -- 1:23:07

3. (#375) Wai Yin Chiu (HKSAR) -- 1:27:11

4. (#349) Magdalena Cvetkovic (Switzerland) -- 1:33:31

5. (#359) Chi Yan Fanny Yu (HKSAR) -- 1:36:25


5km - Overall Men’s Top 5


1. (#813) Michael Clark (UK) -- 00:27:27

2. (#838) Wai Lun Ng (China) -- 00:27:49

3. (#832) Yan Nok Li (HKSAR) -- 00:28:08

4. (#842) Ki Mo Long (HKSAR) -- 00:29:16

5 (#837) Francis Lorenzon (France) -- 00:30:41


5km - Overall Women’s Top 5


1. (#819) Jerika Kong (HKSAR) -- 00:31:57

2. (#833) Yi Lam Law (HKSAR) -- 00:35:03

3. (#807) Clara Migne (France) -- 00:44:16

4. (#826) Hong Ni Chung (HKSAR) -- 00:47:59

5. (#823) Maggie Ngan (HKSAR) -- 00:48:02


Race Info


Event Name: 

Goodman Healthy Hike and Run 2022


Sunday, May 22, 2022


5km, 13km, 19km

Start Time:

7.30am (19km) 7.35am (13km/5km)

Start Location:

Tai Tong Shan Road BBQ area (500m above Po Leung Kuk), Tai Lam, NT, Hong Kong


Hiking and trail running options

Course Information:


For more race details, please visit below:





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