15 Jun-17 Jun, 2018


2018 - MONGOLIA Action Asia 3 day Ultra Marathon

  15 Jun-17 Jun, 2018
  Mongolia   Trail hike and run options

Overview 精華片段

Location will be 5 hours south of UB in 2018 with sand dunes, dry rock where the grass meats the desert in the Gobi.

Land of the Nomads. Running in the Steppes on the edge of Siberia for a true nomadic experience.

An unforgettable foray into the hinterland of Mongolia to experience the breathtaking beauty of its countryside.This vast land encompasses a fabulous array of pristine landscapes and nomadic people whose lives are in many ways unchanged since the days of Genghis Khan and the mighty Mongol Empire.who controlled his vast empire from Mongolia, situated between Russia and China. A nature lover’s paradise.