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Dec 04 / 2016

French Hoka Elites Martin and Chaverot Crowned Champions of MSIG Lantau 50 Skyrunning Ultra Marathon

French Hoka Elites Martin and Chaverot Crowned Champions of 2016 Asian Skyrunning Championship Ultra Skymarathon

Japanese Salomon runner Matsumoto defends his title in Asian Skyrunning championship Skyrace

HONG KONG, 4 Dec. 2016 -This Sunday witnessed the success of 2016 Asian Skyrunning Championship - MSIG Lantau 50 in Lantau, Hong Kong with beautiful sceneries and cool temperatures welcoming runners. The tough course started at Man Tung Road Park next to Novotel in Lantau, with the distance categories of 16km, 27km (Skyrace) and 50 km (Ultra Skymarathon). French Hoka Elites Martin and Chaverot Crowned Champions of 2016 Asian Skyrunning Championship Ultra Skymarathon.

Undoubtedly, the toughest and longest category of this event was Ultra Skymarathon 50k category. Sigvaris Sports Team Trail - Hoka team member Nicolas Martin from France crossed the finish line in 5 hours 41 minutes and 51 seconds and grabbed the 50km overall champion title. “It’s a very difficult race. I felt very tired right before I crossed the finish line because Cristofer was just 20 seconds behind me, so I pushed myself to run very fast in the last 3km. To win this MSIG Lantau 50 was my main goal as it was the last race of my season,” he said.  The champion also took the second place at the Asian Skyrunning Championship VK race on 2 days earlier winning also the MISG double cash prize. “I landed in Hong Kong one day before the VK race, it’s very difficult for me to deal with the seven-hours jet lag. I don’t run for cash, but it’s a good news that I get double prize. I am very happy to win this championship title. I had six-year difficult training and now I get my best result. In three years, I will turn 30, which is a best age for a trail runner.” Nicolas undoubtedly has great confidence in his training future. 

Spanish runner and Salomon team member Cristofer Clemente placed the overall second in 50k race in 5 hours 44 minutes and 38 seconds. “I thought I was good on the race. Because I finished the season on September. Now I just starts a new season and I has never thought I could get such a good place, I am so happy, because the race is very difficult and full of challenges. Especially the last part of the race, between 30k to 41k, because it’s so high and full of rocks. The trail in Hong Kong has big different than that of Spain. It’s an amazing race!” said Cristofer.

Followed were Hoka team member Ludovic Pommeret and Salomon France team member Thibaut Baronian, these two French runners crossed the finish line at the same time in 5 hours 55minutes and 49 seconds. “I’m feeling tired and happy, it was an amazing but hard race. And for me, the most difficult part is at the end of the course, 2 peaks.” said Ludivic. Thibaut then added: “I agree that the peaks are the most challenging part, because I was very tired at the middle of race and even not sure if I could cross the finishing line at the 40K, so I’m happy to come cross Ludovic who was pushing me in the last 10K. We were meet at CP5 and then finished it together, even if we are not from the same team.”

Hoka France runner Caroline Chaverot won the female champion in Ultra Skymarathon 50K and finished in a blistering 6 hours 27 minutes and 9 seconds. “The male champion is also from France, so today’s race is a dominant performance of my country. Nicolas was a good runner, he won the second place in 2016 World Series Skyrunning Ultra one month ago. Also, there are many good runners in Asia, I am amazed how trail running is popular in Asia. I did an Asian Skyrunning Championship VK race two days ago, and it’s great for me to take part in the race and see peoples from everywhere, like Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. I heard that trail is getting more popular in China and I am looking forward to compete against more Asian people in the future. In France, trail races are always very long without stairs. Unlike other races in Hong Kong, MSIG Lantau 50 is very hilly and the course is difficult as my hometown. One big difference is that I need to climb on many stairs here, sometimes I jump over 2 stairs in one time and completely lost my balance, it’s difficult to move but very interesting.” said Caroline.

Trail Running Nepal team member Sunmaya Budha placed second in women’s 50k race in 6 hours 52 minutes and 30 seconds. “It’s my first time to race. In the beginning, I felt quite difficult. Next time if I have chance I will do far better than this time. For the view, everywhere is beautiful. It’s quite different because in Nepal we don’t have that much of stairs like here. Basically, I don’t have enough experience racing in Hong Kong.” said Sunmaya.

Adidas runner Maud Gobert from France grabbed the female third place in 7 hours 28 minutes and 49 seconds. “I took this race for the second time and it’s my seventh 50km competition. I won the MSIG Lantau 50 female champion last year, although I did not defend the title today, I am very happy that I finished. The course is much higher than last year, and the view is still very beautiful.” said Maud.

As for the Asian Skyrunning championship Skyrace 27k, Salomon Japan team elite runner Dai won the race in 3 hours 1 minute and 23 seconds in the 27km race, regained his championship title one year later. “When I was a university student about ten years ago, I started the skyrunning competition. Today’s course was very tough and it made me feel very tired, but the view was very nice and enjoyable, and I think the most challenging part is the Lantau peak” said Dai Matsumoto.

Salomon Korea team member Jinwan Kim came second in 3 hours 4 minutes and 20 seconds followed by Gone Running / Joint Dynamics team runner Etienne Rodriguez from Australia rounding the podium 2 minutes and 21 seconds later.

 “It’s really a nice race, awesome race, going over the second and third highest peaks in Hong Kong probably. This is my first time doing Hong Kong 50 race. Action Asia does a lot of great races, this is a fantastic race. And its convenient cause I live in just one of the apartment buildings sits here. Coming down the sunset peak is the most challenge part, descending sunset peak that kill me. And last section on the Olympic trail, that was hard, it’s quite technical, and when your legs are super tired, it’s hard to move leg really. The view is so good, unusually there for Hong Kong today, like up there, really clear, spectacular!” said the 27km second runner up Etienne Rodriguez.

Raidlight team member Zein Willliams from Britain grabbed the Asian Skyrunning championship Skyrace 27k overall female champion title in 3 hours 38 minutes and 59 seconds. “I feel great, I’m surprise, because it was a strong field. So, it was quite good to have all these runners in Hong Kong, and it was nice to run with them. Lantau is beautiful today. I think the height and the steps are difficult for European, but I live in Lantau and I like those steps, so I have a big advantage.  I don’t mind the steps, what I don’t like is running the concrete, I find it very hard mentally. Last year   was not so hot, last year was wet and a little bit colder, and I just try to pace much better than last year. So, I try to get a little bit slower in the first climb, so I can feel happy in the end, cause last year the last 5km I really did enjoy, and this year I have a little bit more energy to finish it. I also got the first-place last year, there was no other international runners. I’m pleased, very pleased.” said by the champion who lived in Hong Kong now.

Only 1 minute and 12 seconds later, Sandra Koblmuller from Austria crossed finish line and came second in the 27km female category. “I was active and have been running since I was a kid. It’s my first time here in Hong Kong, to be honest, it’s my hardest race ever and it’s very tough since there are many steps. Also, I think I too less drank water in the process. I enjoyed the beautiful Lantau peak and sunset view in last two days, but I am totally tired and have no time to enjoy the sceneries today.” said Sandra.

Japanese runner Takamura Takako took the third place in 3 hours 49 minutes and 38 seconds. “I came from the north of Japan. I’m 23 years old and I started running 3 years ago, when it started, everybody is rushing, the speed was the toughest part for me, and the Lantau peak is the most challenging part.  I saw the building, the sceneries, as well as the sea, that is something unusual and I enjoyed it. This is my first time in Hong Kong. And in Japan, I usually do 24k race. Compared to Japan, everything different in Hong Kong.” she said. 

Earlier today, Irish runner Brian Mcflynn won the 16km race in 1hour 40 minutes and 2 seconds, and used all his strength on the course and was exhausted after the race. “Actually, I do not have a target before this hard race. Lantau have done for a few years with beautiful trail and sceneries, I really enjoy it and it’s my favourite place in Hong Kong. The race is very challenging, I think I survived today!” said Brian. 

American elite runner David Woo came second in 16km race finishing in 1 hour 51 minutes and 7 seconds, and 3 minutes 36 seconds later came the Australian runner Pak To Lai.

Lucy Cant from New Zealand won the female overall champion of 16km race in 1 hour 56 minutes and 20 seconds. “I’ve been living in Hong Kong for 4 years, and I’m from New Zealand, and I do a quite big of running, this is my first race in Hong Kong the stairs at the beginning is the most challenging part for me. The scenery is beautiful here, and we have a nice view today. I’ve being running in Lantau before, but just for training, it’s a great place to run.” Said by the champion.

Japanese runner Miho Kawabe took the female’s second place in the 16km race and crossed the finish line in 2 hours 6 minutes and 57 seconds with Angelika Hahn from Germany rounding the podium in 2 hours 17 minutes and 7 seconds.

The event is possible due to the generous support of presenting sponsor MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited and supporting partners ActionX Store, Hoka One One, Herbalgy, OtterBox, C3fit, Oregon Scientific, Bonaqua, Key Sun Zinke, Salonsip, Del Monte, AroundDB, Skyrunner National Series China, China Skyrunning Association, OL&N, Oldham Li & Nie Lawyers, International Trail Running Association Member and Action Asia Foundation.


Race Results

MSIG Lantau 50 - HK50 Series


Top 5 Men

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Nicolas Martin – France - Sigvaris Sports Team Trail / Hoka- 05:41:51

2. Cristofer Clemente – Spain - Salomon - 05:44:38

3. Ludovic Pommeret - France – Team Hoka - 05:55:49

3. Thibaut Baronian - France – Salomon France - 05:55:49

5. Cody Lind – the United States- SCOTT RUNNING - 05:59:54

Top 5 Women

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

1. Caroline Chaverot - France - Hoka France - 06:27:09

2. Sunmaya Budha - Nepal - Trail Running Nepal - 06:52:30 

3. Maud Gobert – France - Adidas - 07:28:49

4. Purna Laxmi Neupani - Nepal - Trail Running Nepal - 07:45:00

5. Susan Jemvtai Chepkwon - Kenya - 08:16:05


Top 5 Men

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Dai Matsumoto - Japan - Salomon Japan - 03:01:23

2. Jinwan Kim – South Korea – Salomon Korea - 03:04:20

3. Etienne Rodriguez - Australia - Gone Running / Joint Dynamics - 03:06:41

4. Minoru Yoshihara - Japan - 03:16:01

5. Taiga Yamamoto - Japan - XEBIO - 03:16:25

Top 5 Women

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

1. Zein Willliams - the United Kingdom– Raidlight - 03:38:59

2. Sandra Koblmuller - Austria - 03:40:11

3. Takamura Takako - Japan - 03:49:38

4. Sooji Park – South Korea – Salomon Korea - 03:59:37

5. Yin Hung Tsang – Hong Kong - 04:10:31

16 K

Top 5 Men

Name - Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Brian Mcflynn – Ireland - 01:40:02

2. David Woo - the United States - 01:51:07

3. Pak To Lai - Australia - 01:54:43

4. James Park - New Zealand - 01:57:51

5. Stiau Andre Tolleshaug - Norway - 01:59:00

Top 5 Women

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

1. Lucy Cant – New Zealand - 01:56:20

2. Miho Kawabe – Japan - 02:06:57

3. Angelika Hahn - Germany - 02:17:07

4. Hoi Sze Kwok - Hong Kong - 02:17:14

5. Suzanne Cole - Britain - 02:17:35


2016 Asian Skyrunning Championship - MSIG Lantau 50

ULTRA 50K TOP 3 Asian Men:

1: Miura Yuichi – Japan – 06:44:13

2: Machida Tomohiro – Japan – 06:53:10

3: Heeseong Noh – South Korea – Salomon Korea - 06:56:47

ULTRA 50K - Top 3 Asian Women

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

  1. Sunmaya Budha – Nepal – Trail Running Nepal – 06:52:30

  2. Purna Laxmi Neupani - Nepal – Trail Running Nepal – 07:45:00

  3. Hyeonju Ji – South Korea – Adidas Korea - 08:33:38


SKY 27K - Top 3 Asian Men

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

GOLD. Matsumoto Dai – Japan – Salomon Japan- 03:01:23

SILVER. Jinwan Kim – South Korea – Salomon Korea - 03:04:20

BRONZE. Yoshihara Minoru – Japan – 03:16:01


SKY 27K - Top 3 Asian Women

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

GOLD. Takamura Takako – Japan – 03:49:38

SILVER. Sooji Park – South Korea – Salomon Korea - 03:59:37

BRONZE. Yin Hung Tsang – Hong Kong, China – 04:10:31


MSIG Double Prize 50k & VK Top 3 Men


Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1.  Nicolas Martin- France – Sigvaris Sports Team trail-Hoka - 06:20:42

2.  Cristofer Clemente- Spain – Race Land Team - 06:27:54

3.  Ludovic Pommeret – France – Team Hoka - 06:38:06


MSIG Double Prize 50k & VK Top 3 Women


Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

1.  Caroline Chaverot- France – Hoka France - 07:17:32

2.  Sunmaya Budha - Nepal – Trail Running Nepal - 07:40:35

3.  Purna Laxmi - Nepal – Trail Running Nepal - 07:41:24


MSIG Double Prize 27k & VK Top 3 Men


Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1.  Jinwan Kim – Korean, Republic – Salomon Korea - 03:50:37

2.  NAOYA TAKEHARA - Japan- JAPAN Skyrunning Team - 04:16:42

3.  Suguru Miura - Japan - 04:24:11


MSIG Double Prize 27k & VK Top 2 Women


Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

1.  Zein Williams -  the United Kingdom – Raidlight - 04:31:06

2.  Hsiu Ching Chen - Taiwan – 野孩子野跑協會- 05:31:12


Top Country & Region Ranking

Japan   5 Gold    1 Silver

Nepal   2 Gold     1 Silver

Korea   2 Silver   2 Bronze  

China   1 Bronze







MSIG Lantau 50 – Lantau Information


Event Name

HK50 Series - MSIG Lantau 50 - Asian Skyrunning Championships


Sunday Dec 4, 2016

Start Time

6.30am: 50km

7.30am: 27km (going over Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak, contour of ridge to Pak Mong, Olympic Trail back to Tung Chung)

7.45am: 16 km (no major peaks, contour of ridge to Pak Mong, Olympic Trail back to Tung Chung)

Start Location

Man Tung Road Part next to Novotel Citygate, Tung Chung


16km, 27km, 50km










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