24 Nov, 2013


2013 - PATAGONIA Nature Run 14k & 22k

 24 Nov, 2013
 Tai Tong Shan, Tai Lam, N.T. Hong Kong Trail run and hiking options

Course 比賽路線

 Course marking - Yellow A5 size signs and bright pink/bright orange ribbons

14 km
This course has a lot more flat sections then the 22 km. Starts off running on the country park road from the Tai Tong Shan BBQ opposite the AFCD compound and goes 600m up slightly to the 2nd trail turn. Short stair case then backtracks to the Yuen Tuen trail for short rolling hills until you reach the little temple at 3 way junction (Around 1.7 km), then turn left around 100m and turn right up set of stairs taking you to upper road. Turn right on road and follow uphill for 1.3 km until small trail on right that goes straight up ridge to highest point (239m) then left turn and follow ridge main Tai Lam Chung Country Trail all the way until you reach the catchwater (passing 2 exits going to Tsing Long Hwy bus stops). Carry on catchwater until main road junction and continue right going back into Tai Lam Country park and after 100m (around 10.9 km) this will be water cp by signboard saying "Mountain Bike" trail turn left heading towards Ho Pui direction. This is where the 22 km category turns. The 14 km category continues straight on catchwater past the Wing Kat & Kat Hing Bridges passing the main BBQ grass area with many picnic tables and going another 200m up Tai Tong Shan Road until a right turn on the Yuen Tuen trail. From here around 2 km remaining with short run to temple, then left turn following the same ridge you came out on, except carry straight on at end directly to Tai Tong Shan Road, turn right and finish around 100m later for 14.5 km total.

22 km
Same as above except an extra mountain technical loop heading out towards Ho Pui direction 4 km on main trail until a steep trail on right side short cutting the cement road above to the MacLehose Road. Continue up this trail until the cement road, turning right until the MacLehose, then right again (big mountain bike sign) and carry on up road until you reach the fire lookout at very top with nice view. Turn right down mountain bike trail for around 200m (easy running trail) and then look out for first main trail junction on your left that you come across and take this single track trail that follows the ridge all the way down to a very steep technical trail section. At the bottom of this stay right on the main trail that leads to an electricity pylon and the trail goes under that still following the main ridge down coming out at the Wing Kat bridge by the MacLehose trail road junction. Turn left on the MacLehose and carry on past the main grass BBQ area that goes up Tai Tong Shan Rd 200m until the right turn on Yuen Tuen trail as above then turn left at small temple along ridge until Tai Tong Shan Rd. See map below for distance markings.


CP1 - 10:15am - 1 hr 45 minutes (Water only at checkpoint)

CP2 - 12:45pm - 4 hrs 15 minutes (Water only at checkpoint)


This race will NOT be cancelled in any type of weather unless Typhoon 8 signal is hoisted at 6am on race morning. A message will be put up on website if cancelled latest 6am race morning. Rain is possibly expected so highly recommend a good pair of trail shoes with good grip.


相比22公里賽程,這個賽道比較多平坦部分。起步於漁護署對外之大棠山燒烤場,沿郊野公園路直上微斜約600米轉入郊遊徑。若干梯級後進入元荃古道之小山坡,(約1.7公里)即到達位於三路交之小寺廟,左轉大約100米再往右轉連接梯級後便到達馬路。馬路往上走約1.3公里後便進入靠右手旁之小徑,沿山脊上直到(位於239米)山頂處,然後左轉沿著大欖涌郊遊徑一直至引水道 (途經2個通往青朗高速公路巴士站之路口)。沿引水道走直至返回大路交滙處靠右便重返大欖郊野公園範圍,往前走100米左右便到達水站(約10.9公里),該處有”越野單車”徑之標誌告示左轉直指河貝方向。這是22公里轉接點。14公里賽事參賽者於引水道繼續往前走,越過永吉橋及吉慶橋並穿過燒烤場地,另接連大棠山路上200米直至返回元荃古道右轉。由此倒數約2公里,途經寺廟後左轉沿相同線返回終點,(除了最尾一段直接走往大棠山路,右轉進入最後100米衝線)。全程14.5公里。



如選手未能於10:15am  ( 賽事開始後1小時45分鐘 ) 到達CP1,選手將會被大會終止其賽事。

之後,如選手未能於12:45pm  ( 賽事開始後4小時15分鐘 ) 到達CP2,選手將會被大會終止其賽事。




Sunscreen and Clothing

Recommend using sunscreen on back of neck, shoulders, face and arms as in any kind of weather you can get burnt.

Shirts - Recommend wearing lightweight singlet or the official quick dry material singlet given out at registration if you have paid and registered before the race. Quick dry material will dry fast when wet.

Shorts - Some prefer running in spandex compression tights, others normal running shorts. Comes down to what you find comfortable in hiking or running.

All clothing recommended available at Patagonia shops in Hong Kong.

1    Patagonia Central
46 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central, Hong Kong
(852) 21559567

2    Patagonia Tsimshatsui
Shop Ot225, Level 2
Harbour City, Tsimshatsui, HK Hong Kong

3    Patagonia Causeway Bay
Shop 730, Level 7
Causeway Bay, HK Hong Kong
(852) 2506-0677
4    Patagonia Kowloon Tong
L2-06, Level 2, Festival Walk, 80 Tat Chee Ave
Kowloon Tong, HK Hong Kong
(852) 3105 1223

What to do if an accident on the course

There is an emergency rescue safety radio team around the course and marshals with mobile phones, together with medical first aid at the main entrance finish area. If you see someone who is in obvious need of help please stay with them and ask the next person who passes you to request for help to the next marshal on course and let them know the competitor number/name if possible and what kind of injury it is. (i.e. broken ankle, twisted knee, injured arm, life threatening, etc). The person you ask to get help should continue along the course to the first available marshal and tell them the location of the injured person. The marshal they contact will phone, radio or SMS the emergency headquarters who will dispatch someone to come out. Depending on the seriousness and location of where on the course this could be someone walking/running, car even helicopter depending on seriousness. If at finish line and injured they may call an ambulance or even a taxi and tell you to go to the Hospital to be treated.

Briefing before the race

There will be a short briefing before the race at 8:25am at the start area. This is to highlight issues above and any other new forgotten issues. If any competitors have issues that think should be raised that are not in this newsletter, please email them to us at aae@actionasiaevents.com with “pre race briefing” as the headline and we will view your comments. If you feel we have forgotten something important and should be emailed to all please highlight this also.

Average Time Expected

22km - 1:45 – 5 hrs
14km – 1:10 – 3 hrs


If you must pass someone please yell, “passing on your left” or “passing on your right”. If someone is passing you please be considerate and let them overtake you. No pushing and shoving please.

Hydration & Food on course – Race Day – What YOU SHOULD BRING

How much water / energy drink to start with??? RECOMMEND SPORT DRINK AS SODIUM INSIDE TO REDUCE CRAMPING.

You must bring your own drinks to start with so recommend:

2 to 3 liters of sport/energy drink– If you plan on walking the course bring at least 1 gel/energy bar per hour or some kind of energy food with at least 250 calories per hour minimum. Salt/electrolyte tablets are good that you can take every 45 minutes or so depending on how much you sweat. TEST these before race and not race day as some people react differently. Real food is always better (sandwich, bun, potatoes almonds, dried fruit).


Support runners ONLY allowed at water cps only. Please NO support on course.

Hydrating before race on Thursday & Friday

Recommend to drink lots of water and energy drinks the day before the race. Don’t just drink water but get minerals / electrolytes in your body as well. We’re serious about this as with the hot Hong Kong weather and high humidity it is better to start hydrating TWO (2) DAYS BEFORE THE RACE.

Food on Thursday & Friday BEFORE RACE DAY

Recommend starting carbo-loading at least 48 hours before the race and not just waiting until the night before. AVOID MEAT THE NIGHT BEFORE as takes more than 24 hours to fully digest and will make you feel sluggish. Try to have a good breakfast (banana oatmeal, rice, etc) at least 2-3 hours before the start of the race in order for good digestion.

Garbage on the course