26 Oct, 2014


2014 - MSIG HK50 Series - Hong Kong Island

 26 Oct, 2014
 Peak, Hong Kong Trail hike and run options

Course 比賽路線


 Elevation Map 1st half MSIG HK50 - HK

997m elevation gain, 1192m loss. Total gain/loss 2189m for first 24km (gps). Estimate only

SMALL COURSE CHANGE - NOW 24km - including Mt Bennet Loop and cutting out Mt Nicolson - should be easier



1434m elevation gain with 1430m loss for 2nd half. Total gain/loss 2864m for 2nd half..\

2431m elevation gain with 2622m loss for whole 50km. Total gain/loss 5053m for whole 50km.

24km course description: (Map posted in DOWNLOAD PDF left side this page)
Peak - HK trail all the way to Wong Nai Chung Gap starting at Lugard Rd opposite Peak Cafe. Small addition of Mt Bennet loop this year.
24km water checkpoint: - bottom of Peel Rise/catchwater (approx 10.5k).
Total 1. Cut-off at this water cp 10:00am (2.5 hours). Sport drink & water.

GPX file for 24km (Garmin)



50km course description: (Map posted in Download PDF on left side)
Peak - HK trail all the way to Wong Nai Chung Gap (except for addition of Mt Bennet loop - NEW this year) starting at Lugard Rd opposite Peak Cafe. When arriving at Wong Nai Chung Gap use Sir Cecil Ride entrance behind petrol station and proceed along Sir Cecil Ride (passing Mt Butler Rd - Quarry - Braemar Hill - Mt Parker Rd - Hong Pak Country Trail - Trail up to Mt Parker - Ridge line down to Boa Vista Trail near Tai Tam Gap - Boa Vista Trail up to Quarry gap Tai Fung Au - Mt Butler - Jardine Lookout - Violet Hill - Tze Lo Lan shan Path (catchwater) - Wong Nai Chung Gap finish.

(Cut-off) - Will be 11:30am or 4 hrs after start of race at 24km half way point cp (Wong Nai Chung Gap) - including climb up Mt Nicolson. This means all 50k participants must be able to complete the first 24km in 4 hrs to be allowed to continue the 2nd half of the course. If you are unsure we suggest you go hike the first 24km of the HK trail and time yourself to get an idea of your time.

GPX file for 50km ( Garmin)


50km Water checkpoints:
CP1 at bottom of Peel Rise/catchwater (approx 10.5k). Cut-off at CP1 10am (2 hrs 30min). Sport drink & water & bananas..
CP2 at Wong Nai Chung Gap in front of Finish (approx 24km) Sport drink & water & bananas. CUT-OFF at 11:30am (4 hrs).
CP3 at Mt Parker Rd & Sir Cecil Ride - (approx 33km) Sport drink & water & bananas.CUT-OFF at 1:00pm (5.5 hrs).
CP4 - Quarry gap Tai Fung Au - (approx 40km). Sport drink & water & bananas. CUT-OFF at 3:00pm (7.5hrs).

CP5 - Parkview (NO WATER). CUT-OFF CHECK POINT at 4:15pm (8hrs 45mins) Participants cut here will walk approx 500m to Finish.

Finish cut-off at 5:30pm (10 hrs)

Cut-offs are subject to race discretion on race day as Race Director has final say.


24公里 賽道資料 (地圖見本頁左面"DOWNLOAD PDF"拉頁之附檔)
山頂 - 由港島徑 之盧吉道(山頂咖啡店對出) 出發至黃泥涌峽終點。
水站:全程水站共1個,設於貝璐道尾段 / 引水道附近,由起點至水站 (大約10.5公里)。
大會截跑時間為早上10時正 (即起步後2.5小時)。此水站將提供飲用水及運動飲品。

50公里 賽道資料 (地圖見本頁左面"DOWNLOAD PDF"拉頁之附檔)
山頂 -由港島徑 之盧吉道(山頂咖啡店對出)出發至黃泥涌峽為終點 (來回聶高信山頂 - 本年新設賽道)。於黃泥涌峽(油站後方)轉入金督馳馬徑入口,沿途經過畢拉山道–寶馬山–柏架山–野豬徑 - 大風坳–畢拿山 – 渣甸山–紫羅蘭山 (引水道)–黃泥涌峽終點。

大 會截跑時間 - 大會將於黃泥涌峽檢查站設定時間限制,如參賽者未能於中午11時30分(即起步後4小時或之內)抵達, 該參賽者必須終止賽事。即參加50公里賽事之跑手必須於4小時內完成首24公里,方可繼續進行下半段賽程。大會建議有興趣參予之人仕,可先行前往港島徑, 試跑首24公里之路線,以便掌握所需時間。

檢查站 1
設於貝璐道尾段 / 引水道附近,由起點至水站 (大約10.5公里)。此水站將提供飲用水及運動飲品。

檢查站 2
設於黃泥涌峽終點站前 (大約24公里) 。此水站將提供飲用水、運動飲品及香蕉。

檢查站 3

檢查站 4

檢查站 5
設於陽明山莊。(不設水站) 截跑檢查站- 時間為下午4時15分(即起步後8小時45分鐘)。截跑後步行500米返回終點。