14 Sep-16 Sep, 2024

144 Days

2024 - Kazakhstan Action Asia 3 day Ultra Marathon (60km / 100km)

 14 Sep-16 Sep, 2024
 Almaty region, Kazakhstan Trail hike and run options

Event Info 賽事簡介


Event Name:  

KAZAKHSTAN Action Asia 3 day Ultra Marathon stage race


Sept 14-16, 2024


Almaty, Kazakhstan


60km, 100km (40,40,20 or 20,20,20)


To promote some of Asia's most stunning & epic running locations

Located in Central Asia, Kazakhstan is a vast country that boasts rich history & culture, beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and tons of amazing sights to see and things to do. ... Kazakhstan lies between Europe and Asia, and the size of Kazakhstan's territory makes the country the ninth largest in the world.

For runners & hikers looking for a peace of mind - Follow the steppes in the next Kazakhstan Action Asia 3 day Ultra Marathon. 

History on Kazakhstan:

The territory of Kazakhstan has historically been inhabited by Turkic nomads who trace their ancestry to many Turkic states such as Turkic Khaganate etc. In the 13th century, the territory joined the Mongolian Empire under Genghis Khan. By the 16th century, the Kazakh emerged as a distinct group, divided into three jüz (ancestor branches occupying specific territories). The Russians began advancing into the Kazakh steppe in the 18th century, and by the mid-19th century, they nominally ruled all of Kazakhstan as part of the Russian Empire. Following the 1917 Russian Revolution, and subsequent civil war, the territory of Kazakhstan was reorganised several times. In 1936, it was made the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, part of the Soviet Union. Kazakhstan was the last of the Soviet republics to declare independence during the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Please email payment@actionasiaevents.com with your preferred person(s) who you would like to share the official Kazakhstan hotel in Almaty with if you haven’t. Hotel accommodation will be 2 per room. Special arrangements can be made on rooms for Double beds. 


Friday, Sept 13:

  • Bus transportation from Almaty official hotel and then international airport at 3:30pm airport. Direct to race venue location (approximately 3 hour drive) stopping 1x on way for dinner meal at local Kazak village.
  • Please email Payment@actionasiaevents.com your flight itinerary on or before Aug 15, for us to know when you arrive and arrange someone to meet you at airport if Sept 13th arrival. If arriving day earlier it will be the responsibility of the participant to take a taxi to their hotel and meet at official hotel bus departure area or can meet at airport on Friday Sept 13th at 3:30pm to get the free Action Asia bus to the race venue as very complicated to get too and no taxi will go there.
  • Dinner provided on way to the race venue
  • Accommodation in traditional Kazak yurts with floor carpet (must bring warm sleeping bag)
  • 730 pm - Race briefing for day 1 course with maps giving out

Saturday, Sept 14:

  • 6 am – Breakfast starts in the main kitchen of the yurt camp (Kazak style breakfast porridge, eggs with naan bread / coffee / milk tea
  • 7am – Race start (both 60km & 100km category)
  • 12-4 pm – Kazak style lunch served in afternoon at yurt camp
  • 6 pm – 7 pm – Kazak style dinner served at yurt camp
  • 6 pm - Race briefing for day 2 course with maps giving out and results of day 1

Sunday, Sept 15:

  • 6 am – Breakfast starts in the main kitchen of the yurt camp (Kazak style breakfast porridge, eggs with naan bread / coffee / milk tea
  • 7am – Race start (both 60km & 100km category)
  • 12-4 pm – Kazak style lunch served in afternoon at yurt camp
  • 6 pm – 7 pm – Kazak style dinner served at yurt camp
  • 6 pm - Race briefing for day 3 course with maps giving out and results of day 2

Monday, Sept 16:

  • 6 am – Breakfast starts in the main kitchen of the yurt camp (Kazak style breakfast porridge, egg with naan bread / coffee / milk tea
  • 7am – Race start (both 60km & 100km category)
  • 11 am – Kazak style lunch served at yurt camp
  • 12 noon – Buses leave to official Hotel in Kazakhstan (option to swing by airport & drop anyone off on way around 3-4pm) then continue to Official Hotel drop off.
  • 4 pm – Arrive back in Almaty Kazakhstan at the official hotel (spa & market nearby)
  • 6:30 pm – BUFFET DINNER AT Kazakhstan style RESTAURANT
  • 7:30 pm – Awards ceremony begins with some photos displayed

Tuesday, Sept 17

  • buses will be arranged at different times on Tuesday, Sept 17. Please email us latest Aug 31 with your flight schedule otherwise no guarantee we will have room on the bus. Note taxi easy to arrange.
  • We know some of you will extend your stay so let us know if you need assistance on local recommendations.


What's included in the entry:

  • Bus transportation from Almaty (3:00pm Fri Sept 13 to start race venue location Friday Sept 13 (3 hr drive) Bus will stop at airport on the way.
  • (PLAN IS TO STAY AT SAME YURT CAMP LOCATION FOR 3 DAYS making it easy on you so you can relax).
  • Accommodation for Friday Sept 13, Saturday Sept 14, Sunday Sept 15 in Kazak desert camp and Monday Sept 16 in official Almaty Hotel.
  • Transportation from finish to the official hotel in Almaty Monday Sept 16.
  • Transportation from the official hotel in Almaty to awards dinner Monday Sept 16.
  • Dinner Sept 13, Breakfast, lunch, dinner Sept 14, Breakfast, lunch, dinner Sept 15 and breakfast and lunch Sept 16 at Kazak camp.
  • Awards dinner Sept 16 in Almaty.
  • Breakfast in Almaty Tuesday Sept 17 at the official hotel in Almaty
  • Bus transportation from Kazakhstan official hotel to Almaty airport Sept 17 (can arrange bus if over 10 Sept 16 night if midnight flight for anyone)
  • Racing number, pins & souvenir race shirt provided
  • Water on the race course (checkpoint every 10km estimate) with fruit and water at finish line each day.
  • Medical, Security and staff support with event 3rd party insurance
  • Finishers survivor medal
  • Permit to go in National park


What's not included:

  • Room space for friends and family as they must pay just like participants even if coming just to volunteer or cheer you on.
  • Optional extra nights accommodation – If you are coming from Hong Kong, the official travel agency can give you quotations.
  • Visa & permits for Kazakhstan (please check in your own country to see if you need).
  • Food if stopping on bus at the local shop - Cash in the local currency or USD - small notes please). Note nothing to purchase at camp except coke, beer. So load up on your snacks before arriving.
  • Personal evacuation insurance - all overseas events you need this in case life threatening illness or something where helicopter is needed.
  • Family, friends, volunteers others who want to come with you - they are treated like a participant in the race and still have to pay the full fee (actually in a way they cost us more as we have to transport them around also)
  • Return flight tickets to Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Official Hotel: tbc

Renion Park Hotel Almaty

Address: Kunaev St 66, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan



All runners should check with the Kazakhstan consulate website to see whether you need a visa to visit the country.

Kazakhstan consulate in Hong Kong: http://www.mfa.gov.kz/en/hongkong/content-view/tourism-b12 Countries do NOT need a VISA: http://www.mfa.gov.kz/en/hongkong/content-view/strany-i-regiony-osvobozdennye-ot-viz

If you need a VISA to visit Kazakhstan, it’s very likely that you will need the VISA supporting document / invitation letter (LOi). Please email payment@actionasiaevents.com before June 1, 2024.  LOi can only be issued by organizations in Kazakhstan and it will take up to 14 working days to proceed including Migration department check. It costs USD55 per person (this LOi supporting letter fee including tax and admin charge from Kazakhstan agency.) Eligibility: If you plan to apply at Kazakhstan consulate in Hong Kong, you will need to be either a Hong Kong permanent identity card holder or have the Hong Kong working VISA.


Recommended Travel agents - coming soon as industry turned upside down over the pandemic!!


Insurance - The event has its own public liability insurance coverage, but we recommend that all participants get their own personal accident coverage to cover any personal accidents.


Medical - As this event involves going into the mountains we recommend all participants to have gone to a medical checkup before the event to make sure you are physically fit enough to handle this kind of physical challenge.


Name display on race bib only available for participants registering on or before August 1, 2023. 


Finisher Medal 2019 for reference. Will be different in 2024


Race tee 2019 for reference (will be different in 2024)


Official Hotel for visa application:

Renion Park Hotel Almaty

Address: Kunaev St 66, Almaty 050000, Kazakhstan

144 Days

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