22 Sep, 2019


2019 - Action Asia X-Trail TAIWAN 動感亞洲越野賽 台灣站

 22 Sep, 2019
 Chi Nan Temple, Maokong, Taipei Trail run

Race Pack Pick Up & Registration 參賽物品及領取方式

2019 動感亞洲越野賽 台灣站  Action Asia X-Trail TAIWAN

跑手包提取安排Race Pack Collection


日期 : 2019年9月20及21日 (星期五及星期六)

Date : SEPT 20 & 21, 2019 (Friday & Saturday)

時間 : 中午12 時至晚上8 時

Time : 12:00pm to 8:00pm


Registration for pick up Race Pack with Race number, shirt, pins, luggage tag,  and Outside Magazine.

領取跑手包地址: 100台灣台北市中正區信義路二段163號 (捷運東門站8出口旁) 謙商旅東門館 - 旅店連絡電話: +886 2 2358 2520


Address: No.163, Sec. 2, Xinyi Rd.,Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan - Chaiin Hotel Tel: +886 2 2358 2520

Click here for exact location  

地铁站旁 - 東門站 (close to Dongmen Station Exit No. 8 MRT):


*請帶同已簽妥的免責書(可於活動一週前於網頁內左上方 Download pdf 部分內下載) 前往以上地點領取跑手包

*Please present the signed release form (1 week before the race, download form webpage, Download pdf section) with runner name to collect the runner pack.


Picking up for friends

(1) 首先請到活動網頁內Download pdf 部分,下載免責書(Release Form); (免責書將於活動一週前上載)
(1) Please download a release form from the event webpage – Download pdf section; (Release form will be uploaded 1 week before the race.)

(2) 參賽者於免責書上簽署後,代領者帶同該免責書前往以上地點代領跑手包 (請注意代領者需在免責書背後寫上自己的姓名,國民身份証號碼和簽署以便大會確認身份)。
(2) The release form has to be signed by the participant and the “pick up” person will present the signed release form at the location stated above for registration purpose (The “pick up” person has to write down his/ her Full name, Taiwan ROC ID and sign at the back of the release form for event organizer’s record).

Runner Pack Picking up

(1) 賽事當天不設領取跑手包,因任何原因,未能於大會設定之日期及時間內親身或由朋友 (請帶備填妥的免責書) 領取,請電郵我們(payment@actionasiaevents.com),大會按情況需要作出安排。大會或需參賽者提供有效住址及身份證明。不能保證於比賽日領取跑手包。
(1)   No race pack picks up on race morning. For any reason, you cannot pick up on the specific time and days, please email (payment@actionasiaevents.com) us for assistance. We reserve the right to request for valid residence and Identity card proof. NO guarantee on race pack pick up race morning unless payment team notified to arrange your race pack to be brought to the venue.

(2) 凡於賽事當天領取跑手包者,均需繳付現金台幣200元。
(2) CASH – NT$200 will be charged for runner pack pick up on race morning 


Overseas participants or outside of Taipei

  • 請盡量於以上日期親自或親友代領跑手包。如果實在無法於以上日期領取,請電郵 (payment@actionasiaevents.com)並附上台北市外居住證明(身份證複本或水電費信封等),大會同意後請於比賽日早上領取。手續費:台幣200.
  • Please try to collect race pack on above dates. If you cannot, please email us at (payment@actionasiaevents.com) to get permission and make a special arrangement for you to get this in race morning. Extra fee of NT200 will be applied.