28 Apr, 2019


2019 - Bonaqua Action X SPRINT Trail Series, DBay, Lantau, Hong Kong

 28 Apr, 2019
 Discovery Bay, Lantau, Hong Kong Trail run and hiking options

Rules & Regulations 規則與條款

Official Rules & Regulations


1. Race number to be worn on FRONT of you. Not on your back. The number can NOT be cut or altered and the whole number MUST be clearly visible from the front.

2. No throwing any garbage of any kind on the trail. Anyone caught throwing garbage on the trail will be disqualified. Garbage bags at all checkpoints.

3. No pacers allowed and any support crews must stay within 100 meters of water checkpoint only and CAN NOT give drinks, food or any kind of support along course except screaming and yelling of encouragement.

4. No plastic bottle to be taken away from water stations. You must bring your own hydration system or waist hydration belt with the water bottle for the refill as large water 18litre carboys.

5. Should you drop out you must notify the nearest checkpoint and leave your race number or face emergency rescue costs bill for looking for you.

6. You must stay on marked course and no shortcutting is allowed or result in disqualification.

7. Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes after the official start will NOT be allowed on course and will result in automatic DNS (Did Not Start).

8. Any protests must be made within 1 hour of finishing and a collection of HKD200 to process the protest must be paid to finish line Headquarters (same tent as timing) (HQ) at the same time of filing an official protest.

9. When passing please yell out and give warning to the person in front of you "Passing on your left or passing on your right".

10. Please TURN DOWN YOUR MUSIC if listening to mp3, phone or other as to be considerate to those around you and for your own safety.

11. Race Director has final say on all matters.


Mandatory equipment

1. Participants should have cash of HKD$100 or octopus card with a value over HKD$100 for public transport to make their way back to where their luggage is located in case of bad weather if dropping out on course as no transport back to finish will be provided.

2. A cup or bottle/hydration system for refilling at water checkpoint.


Recommend items

1. A minimum of 250 kcal of food as reserve thru the whole course.

2. Headlamp if you believe you will be finishing close to cut-offs.

3. Whistle

4. Wind or rain jacket.

5. Mobile Tel


Race start and suspension, stoppage policy.

1. T8 is up 2 hrs [before] race start. Race canceled.

2.  T3  is up 15 mins before race start, the decision to start made on course conditions and other prevailing weather factors eg. TS warning up, lightning.   Will base any postponement, cancellation on the key course marshals in various positions on the course and forerunners to provide feedback before the event start.  

3.  Thunderstorms. If TS warning is in place 15 minutes before the start, the start will be postponed until thunderstorm is canceled and then restarted at a later time in the same day. If TS warning goes up during the event, then participants will be asked to finish at next checkpoint for the official finish time and then, unless so directed by the CP leader of an alternate race course, the participants will have to make their way back to start/finish where their bags are. Participants should have cash/octopus card - mandatory equipment.


Trail etiquette / Trail Safety / Eco-friendly vignette scripts

1. Passing 

We don’t all run at the same pace.

When you’re on the trail, be aware of faster runners wanting to pass, and keep left where possible. PLEASE KEEP LEFT and PASS RIGHT side when approaching.

If you’re passing slower runners, give plenty of notice and slow down if you have to. Shout out ‘On your right’ or ‘Passing on the right’ to warn them of your approach.

The extra care taken is a small price to pay for keeping everyone safe and happy on the trails.

2. Music

Music is a great motivator when running whether it’s in training or during a race.

There’s nothing like some great tunes to lift your spirits and keep the pace.

Keep your volume low enough to hear approaching runners, and be aware of changing the terrain. When the trail narrows or gets more crowded, you may need to turn down or turn off your music just so everyone can share the trail, and run or pass safely.

Plug in, but don’t tune out!

3. Litter

Gels, bars, sweets, bananas … having a snack on the trails is great to keep your energy levels up, but don’t forget to take your trash with you!

We love the trails and we can all do our part in keeping them beautiful and litter-free. Pick up after yourself, or someone else!

Take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing behind but footprints.

4. Recycling / No Cups racing

The average runner uses 3 paper cups over a 5km race. 

Over shorter distances and 23k, that’s a lot of cups. Let’s help save the environment racing with NO CUPS. Use a reusable bottle, hydration bag or a foldable cup during a race, and take only what you need. 

It just takes a small effort from everyone to make a big difference in the world we live in.


NOTE: Please read this page closer to race week as could be updated with further changes depending on the country.








1. 號碼布必須掛於胸前當眼位置,不允許掛於背後。 不能修改/裁剪/折疊號碼布,編號上的數字必須清晰。

2. 不可在跑道上亂扔垃圾。 任何被發現/ 舉報於補給站以外拋棄垃圾,將被取消參賽資格。 所有補給站處大會將提供垃圾袋。

3. 陪跑及配速員禁止。任何支援人員必須在距離水站100米內的地方給予跑手飲料,食物或任何形式的支援,支援人員在賽道上其他地方只可加油助威。

4. 水站不提供樽裝水 / 水杯,參賽者必須自備水樽、盛載器具或水袋式盛水裝置於補給站補充水。

5. 中途退出之參賽者,須向就近之檢查站 / 終點之大會計時工作人員報到(退出賽事) ,並留下你的參賽號碼,以便大會妥善紀錄,如不按此處理,將可能產生的緊急搜救/ 救援費用。

6. 參賽者須沿大會指定路線完成賽事,任何使用捷徑等出術情況,則被取消參賽資格。

7. 任何在正式比賽開始後15分鐘到達的參賽者將不被允許參賽,並將自動視為DNS(未出發)。

8. 任何抗議必須在比賽結束一小時之內提出,並同時向終點線總部支付200元港幣處理抗議。

9. 當你超越速度較慢的參賽者時,請給予其足夠的通知,並減速超過。 向其大喊「右側」或是「右側通過」, 提醒其你正在超越。

10. 為了你周圍的人以及你自己的安全,請將MP3或是手機音樂調小聲。

11. 賽事總監保留最後決定權。



1. 由於中途退賽者需要搭乘公共交通回到大會,所以為了以防惡劣天氣,參賽者須攜帶不少於100元港幣現金或八達通(儲值不少100元港幣),以便於返程取回行李。
2. 請注意我們不提供樽裝水或紙杯,因此請參賽者攜帶水樽或盛水裝備。並留意上述比賽規則。



1. 不少於250卡路里的食物
2. 頭燈如預計接近時限完成
3. 哨子
4. 風褸或雨褸
5. 手提電話



1.如在比賽前兩小時天文臺發出 8 號風球預警。 比賽將被取消。

2.如在比賽前15分鐘天文臺發出3號風球預警到達,則由賽道狀況及其他天氣狀況決定是否開賽, 例如:雷暴預警、閃電。

3. 雷暴。 如果雷暴預警於比賽開始前15分鐘到達,比賽將被推遲。 雷暴預警取消後,比賽將在當日晚些時候重新啟動。 如果雷暴預警在比賽期間加強,參賽者則需要在下一個檢查站登記正式結束時間。 除非檢查站人員有其他指示,參賽者則需要回到起點或終點取回行李。 參賽者必須攜帶現金或八達通—必備物品。

越野守則/ 越野安全

1. 超前



2. 播放音樂


保持適當音量,以保持對後方參賽者超前/ 周圍環境之警覺性。

3. 拋棄垃圾



4. 循環再用/ 放棄使用水杯




注意: 本頁或將賽事前再次更新/ 加入資料,請留意稍後更新。