13 Oct, 2019


2019 - Malaysia Action Asia 50 Janda Baik Pahang

 13 Oct, 2019
 Janda Baik, Pahang, Malaysia Trail run

Rules & Regulations 規則與條款

Official Rules & Regulations


1. Race number to be worn on FRONT of you. Not on your back.

2. No throwing any garbage of any kind on trail or face disqualification.

3. No water bottles at checkpoints so you must bring your own hydration system or cup or bladder for refill as no cup policy.

4. Should you drop out you must notify the nearest checkpoint and leave your race number or face emergency rescue costs bill for looking for you.

5. You must stay on marked course and no short cutting is allowed or result in disqualification.

6. Any late runners starting more than 15 minutes after start will not be allowed on course.

7. Race Director has final say on all matters.


*Mandatory equipment to be carried when racing – per person

- hydration system (min 1 litre capacity) camelbak style drinking system (1.5 - 2 LITRE RECOMMENDED)
- telephone in waterproof case / bag with fully charged battery
- Rain or spray jacket (lightweight Salomon, North Face, Icebreaker recommended)
- Running shoes - Trail running shoes with good grip recommended (example - Hoka, Inov-8, Salomon, North Face)
- Food/energy bars/dried fruit/nuts etc to get you thru 4-12 hours each day (min 250calories)
- Whistle
- 1 x headlamp with new batteries for 50km category
- compass (can use watch)

Recommended items:

- gps watch that you can download gpx track to follow and know your distance/elevation
- visor or hat for sun protection
- extra batteries for headlamp
- mosquito repellent
- sun cream
- energy food for you to do race (nuts, dried fruit, peanuts, Chinese crackers, energy bars, gels, etc)
- electrolyte tablets (Nuun tablets or other brands are good to add to your water at checkpoints)
- water filter (lightweight) if you run out of water
- lubricant gel or vaseline for chafing prevention
- waterproof bag case for phone
- flip flop sandals for after race

- Ibuprofen or anti-inflamatory pill (see doctor recommendation)

- blister kit


-最少1.5 公升食水(兩公升更佳),建議使用類似camelbak款式之水袋
-輕型防水風褸/雨衣如Salomon, North Face, Icebreaker等品牌
-跑鞋(建議穿著越野跑鞋 – 良好抓地功能)如Inov-8, Salomon, North Face, Hoka等品牌


-能量食物 (乾果、能量棒等)



Trail etiquette / Trail Safety / Eco-friendly vignette scripts

1.    Passing

We don’t all run at the same pace.

When you’re on the trail, be aware of faster runners wanting to pass, and keep to the outside of the trail or right side where possible.

If you’re passing slower runners, give plenty of notice and slow down if you have to. Shout out ‘On your left or on your right’ or ‘Passing on the left or passing on the right’ to warn them of your approach.

The extra care taken is a small price to pay for keeping everyone safe and happy on the trails.

2.    Music

Music is a great motivator when running whether it’s in training or during a race.

There’s nothing like some great tunes to lift your spirits and keep the pace.

Keep you volume low enough to hear approaching runners, and be aware of changing terrain. When the trail narrows or get more crowded, you may need to turn down or turn off your music just so everyone can share the trail, and run or pass safely.

Plug in, but don’t tune out!

3.    Litter

Gels, bars, sweets, bananas … having a snack on the trails is great to keep your energy levels up, but don’t forget to take your trash with you!

We love the trails and we can all do our part to keeping them beautiful and litter-free. Pick up after yourself, or someone else!

Take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing behind but footprints.

4.    Recyling / No Cups racing

The average runner uses 3 paper cups over a 10km race.

Over 10k & 19k, that’s a lot of cups. Let’s help save the environment racing with NO CUPS. Use a reusable bottle, hydration bag or a foldable cup during a race, and take only what you need.

It just takes a small effort from everyone to make a big difference in the world we live in.


NOTE: Please read this page closer to race week as could be updated with further changes depending on country.

 Video on trail etiquette we did for our Singapore race which is relevant in Malaysia also.