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01 Aug, 2009

Knee Pain & Foot Orthotics

Notes on Knee Pain and Foot Orthotics
By Dr. David Cosman DC

Knee pain is not always caused by a single specific injury. Twisting stresses to the knees can be a one-off cause, or the pain in the knee might be due to repetitive mechanical stresses that are preventable with corrective foot orthotics. Investigating and treating the cause of the pain is favorable to just treating the pain.

Over-pronation of the foot and ankle while the athlete is ‘‘pushing off’’ can cause excessive internal rotation of the tibia (the leg one above the ankle). In fact, flat feet and foot over-pronation can be the root cause of other lower extremity and low back pains.
Custom made corrective foot orthotics are indicated in these cases.

Looking above the knee can be as important as looking at or below the knee. Doctors of Chiropractic are specialists in treating pelvic joint misalignment which can also apply mechanical stress to the knees. Muscle weaknesses and tightness (over-tight gluteals can cause as secondary ITB tightness), referred pain to the knee from hip joints and pelvis problems must be either ruled out or treated as well. The list goes on, so don’t rely too much on your quick internet search.

Combining mechanical solutions with therapy is usually indicated. Tendonitis, strains and mild sprains (fresh and old scarred injuries) might also do well with various modalities including microcurrent stimulation, soft laser and tool assisted friction. Don’t forget your ice!

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