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Norwegien Haugsnes grabs MSIG Double with Gobert winning for France

 Norwegian (Inov-8) Eiric Haugsnes Wins MSIG Double as Gobert takes Women's

François D’Haene from France takes MSIG Lantau 50

HONG KONG, 6 Dec. 2015 - "Sunday witnessed the success of the annual MSIG Lantau 50 trail event with international runners taking the podium in the 27km and 50km main events with Inov-8 team runner and Norwegian national Eiric Haugsnes pushing himself very hard and taking the MSIG Double with past world champion French national and Adidas sponsored Maud Gobert taking the womens in style.

Norwegian Eiric Haugsnes took overall second place in MSIG Lantau 50km race in 5 hours 56 minutes 33 seconds after grabbing second place Saturday in the MSIG Lantau VK. “Comparing to Saturday's race, it was a more challenging course today, because I prefer cooler weather like yesterday and today was warmer. It was harder for me to have 2 races in 2 days here, because unlike my hometown in Norway, Hong Kong's warm weather and high humidity is very different. Other than that I also have to cope with my jet lag, but speaking about the course, as it feels very good and very happy. I think I did the right thing as the VK maybe took something out of me, as it would be a little easier coming from abroad doing the VK on a Friday and having a day's rest, but I love challenges and everyone was doing it the day before so I would stick to this as it will be extremely tough and challenging but that's what we all love in life and look forward to. Great race," said Haugsnes the overall combined winner after 2 days of racing.

French Salomon elite runner François D’Haene finished the 50km race (actually 54km on a gps) in 5 hours 42 minutes 40 seconds and grabbed the MSIG Lantau 50km overall champion title. “The trail was well designed with technical requirements and typical Hong Kong scenery, especially the stairs and the harbor. It's nice and yes correct saying 54km as that's what my Suunto says exactly at 54km with 3500m elevation gain. Very cool on the top of that small trail overlooking the ocean views near Keung Shan and then the challenging Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak as pretty nice near the end of the race as quite amazing,” said François D’Haene winner of the single day 50km event.

Nepalese runner Bed Bahadur Sunuwar finished the 50km race in 5 hours 59 minutes 12 seconds for 3rd overall after taking 3rd also the previous day in the MSIG Lantau Verical Kilometer which elevated Sunuwar to take 2nd place in the MSIG Double (VK & 50km). “Even though I made some mistakes during the 50km race, I still enjoyed participating in 2 well-organised technical races this weekend and really look forward to more Action Asia Events as really well organized” said Sunuwar.

The champion trophy in the Women’s 50km went to the French Adidas’ runner Maud Gobert, who finished in 7 hours 8 minutes and 42 seconds. “The 50km race is very tough especially when climbing to the peak of Lantau Mountain. I fell over 3 times during the race,” said Maud Gobert also won the MSIG Double women's category. The 2015 MSIG Lantau 50 was very special for Maud Gobert because it was the first time that Gobert brought along the whole family to the course. “It is very important for me as that I can show all my children the trails in a beautiful green enviornment with the scenery in Hong Kong. The bonus cash prize helps a lot with my family travel expenses,” said Gobert.

The New Zealand’s runner Marie Mcnaughton (Gone Running and Joint Dynamics) placed second in women’s 50km race by finishing the competition in 7 hours 29 minutes 47 seconds. “The 50km race course changed to be more runnable this year. The two long downhill stairs are my favourite part of the trail,” said Mcnaughton.

Kenyan Rebecca Nakuwa rounded the overall women’s 50km podium in 7 hours 42 minutes 56 seconds. With the overall results of 8 hours 38 minutes 14 seconds, Nakura also won the women’s 3rd place double prize bonus. “I'm thankful to Action Asia Events because they provided me more chances to run faster and meet more professional runners from different countries by holding such competitions. After the past two races, I won prizes as well as cash awards which could help me to keep running,” said Rebecca Nakura.

After winning the overall female champion at the MSIG Lantau VK, The Nepalese 19 year old female runner Bishnu Maya Budha finished the 50km race in 7 hours 44 minutes 39 seconds, ranking 4thoverall winning also the women’s 2nd double prize bonus - (MSIG Double) and a Suunto watch. “I want to thank Action Asia Events, the organiser, for the great experience and the great rewards,” said Nakura.

In the 27km race Salomon's Gregory Vollet from France grabbed 1st with the race result of 2 hours 43 minutes 50 seconds. “I kept my regular pace and followed the leading runner at the beginning so that I could preserve my energy. After reaching the peak, I started to jump and run faster on downhills,” said Vollet, “I also liked the MSIG Lantau 50 - 27km course better than the Lantau 2 Peaks race because the course combines some views of the busy areas and the natural scenery areas, which is beautiful and joyful.”

After winning the overall champion of the the MSIG Lantau VK on December 5th, the US runner Joseph Gray, sponsored by Mio Global and Spenco, came second in the MSIG Lantau 27 km category in 2 hours 54 minute 7 seconds. Gray was awarded the 1st Double Prize Bonus of VK & 27km according to his overall race time of 3 hours 32 minutes 42 seconds. Suffering from a stomach bug from previous days, Gray said “It should have been nice for having 2 races in 2 days, but ended staying up all night in the bathroom because of stomach issues which didn't help just before the race. But I am still satisfied with my results under such health conditions and just love the people and scenery here in Hong Kong and the rest of Asia, said Gray who is preparing for his 2016 Olympic bid.

The third of the 27km race came the IK Akele runner Anders Kleist from Sweden in 3 hours 5 minutes 58 seconds. Kleist won the 2nd Double Prize Bonus of VK & 27km with the overall race time of 3 hours 47 minutes 25 seconds. He described the 27km race, “I was in the leading position in the first climbing part but Vollet ran incredibly fast to the front after then. My leg’s were sore, but fortunately there are more running downhill than the MSIG Lantau VK 5km race so I still enjoyed the 27km race.”

Anders Katrik Jensen from Denmark took the 3rd Double Prize Bonus of VK & 27km with the overall race time of 4 hours 20 seconds. He ranked the 5th in the 27km race and the 6th in the VK race. “Having 2 races in 2 days is good for testing my own skills. But thanks to my regular training in Lantau this weekend, the VK race did not affect my performance in the 27km race,” said Jensen.

The Hong Kong based UK runner Zein Williams from the Xempower Pro Team was floored the 27km overall female champion in 3 hours 46 minutes 31 seconds. Having the experience of taking the 2014 MSIG Lantau race, I was more exciting about this race. “It’s less windy today and the scenery of the course is enjoyable,” Zein Williams said, “I love VK race but I did not take the 2015 MSIG Lantau VK yesterday because of the injury on my knees.”

Only 26 seconds later, French runner Elsa Jeandedieu crossed finish line and came second in the 27km female category in 3 hours 46 minutes 57 seconds. “I am very proud that I was only a few seconds behind Zein Williams. I was very focus and pushed myself hard at the end. I knew I had to take care of my injury so I did not choose to do 50 km” said Jeandedieu.

Third came the Hong Kong runner Nicole Lau in 3 hours 54 minutes 44 seconds. She ranked the 5th of the MSIG Lantau VK on December 5th. Together with the 27km result, Nicole Lau took the 1st MSIG Double Prize of VK & 27km in female category. “This is the first time I took 2 races in 2 days, and it was not as difficult as I had expected. The first 2 runners are very fast and I lagged behind when running downhill,” said Lau.

The 2nd and 3rd Double Prices Bonus in female category came to the US runner Jennie Suarez and Claudia Soldati from Switzerland, with the overall race results of 6 hours 37 minutes 10 seconds and 6 hours 48 minutes 11 seconds separately.  For recovering from the VK race, Claudia Soldati joked that she had to try to relax from the tough competition the day before, while Jennie Suarez had little pressure after the VK race because she lived in Lantau and was familiar with the course.

The UK HK based runner Matt Moroz grabbed the 16km race in 1 hour 46 minutes 2 seconds. “Climbing up the Lantau Mountain at the beginning was the most difficult part of the course, but I maintained my lead throughout the race. I am familiar with the course because I live in Lantau and train myself here a lot.” said Moroz.

The Canadian runner from the category of over fifty years old Joanne Brown won the female overall champion of 16km race in 2 hours 17 minutes 51 seconds.   “I am so exciting as I did not expect this champion cause I am over fifty. I also participated in the MSIG Hong Kong 50 six weeks ago and the Lantau 2 peak in October. I enjoyed every race I took in Hong Kong because I think the race organizing was satisfying and giving every participants appreciation,” said Brown.

The MSIG Lantau 50 trail running race started at Man Tung Road Park next to Novotel in Lantau island. Hong Kong, Chian, with the distance categories of 16km, 27km and 50 km.

The events could not have happened without the support of MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited, the ActionX Store, OtterBox, Bonaqua, Salomon, Key Sun Zinke, C3fit, Kitsound, Salonpas, Herbalgy, Pearl’s, Oldham Li & Nie Lawyers, AroundDB, the China Skyrunning Association, the Action Asia Foundation, Del Monte, Suunto, Redback, Berrytime, Herbalgy, Oregon Scientific, ITRA, AroundDB and VR2HAM Hong Kong.

Race Results

MSIG Lantau 50 & MSIG Lantau VK - HK50 Series

Double Prize 50k Top 5 Men

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1.  Eirik Haugsnes - Norway - Inov8 - 06:35:20

2.  Bed Bahadur Sunuwar - Nepal - Nepal - 06:39:48

3.  Vlad Ixel - Australia - The North Face - 07:13:02

4.  Orlando Edwards - United Kingdom - 07:24:22

5.  Haron Kiprugut Bor - Kenya - 07:46:04


Double Prize 50k Top 3 Women

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

1.  Maud Gobert - France - Adidas - 08:01:12

2.  Bishnu Maya Budha - Nepal - Nepal - 08:36:29

3.  Rebecca Nakuwa - Kenya - 08:41:14


Double Prize 27k Top 3 Men

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor - Time

1.  Joseph Gray - United States - Mío Global/Spenco - 03:32:42

2.  Anders Kleist - Sweden - IK Akele - 03:47:25

3.  Anders Kartik  Jensen - Denmark - 04:00:20


Double Prize 27k Top 3 Women

Name – Nationality – Team/Sponsor – Time

1.  Nicole Lau -  China - 04:50:12

2.  Claudia  Soldati -  Switzerland - 06:37:10

3.  Jennie Suarez - United States - 06:48:11


MSIG Lantau 50- HK50 Series


Top 5 Men

Name – Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Time

1. François D’Haene – France - Salomon - 5:42:40

2. Eirik Haugsnes  - Norway - Inov8  - 5:56:33

3. Bed Bahadur Sunuwar - Nepal  - 05:59:12

4. Vlad Ixel  - Australia - The North Face  - 06:27:27

5. John Ellis - Australia - 06:27:30


Top 5 Women

Name – Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Maud Gobert  - France – Adidas - 7:08:42

2. Marie McNaughton – New Zealand - Gone Running/Joint Dynamics - 7:29:47

3. Rebecca Nakuwa – Kenya - 7:42:56

4. Bishnu Maya Budha – Nepal - 7:44:39

5. Sally Chelagat Kipyego – Kenya - 8:23:13



Top 5 Men

Name – Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Gregory Vollet – France - Salonmon-2:43:50

2. Joseph Gray- -US - Mio Global, Spenco-2:54:07

3. Anders Kleis- -Sweden - IK Akele-3:05:58

4. Kevin Scallan – Hong Kong - Joint Dynamics/ Gone Running Trail Team-3:09:55

5. Anders Kartik Jensen – Denmark - 3:15:00


Top 5 Women

Name – Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Zein J. L. Williams – UK - Xempower Pro Team-3:46:31

2. Elsa Jeandedieu – France - 3:46:57

3. Nicole Lau  - Hong Kong - 3:54:44

4. Anne Lavandon – France - 4:31:38

5. Catherine Simon – France - 4:34:36


Top 5 Men

Name – Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Matt Moroz  - UK - China Mountain Trails – 1:46:02

2. Pak To LAI – Australia - 1:58:03

3. Yiu Bong Tam  - Hong Kong - MSIG-1:59:37

4. Michael Marzelli – US - 2:02:23

5. Antoine Epinette – France - 2:11:48

Top 5 Women

Name – Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Time

1. Joanne Brown – Canada - 2:17:51

2. Justine Clark – UK - 2:19:23

3. Miho Kawabe – Japan - 2:20:13

4. Shirley Pui Yu Cheung – Hong Kong - 2:30:46

5. Christelle Delassus  - France - 2:40:02


MSIG Lantau 50 – Lantau Information


Event Name

MSIG Lantau 50 - HK50 Series


Dec 6, 2015 (Sunday)

Start Time

7:00 am: 50 km

7:30 am: 27 km (going over Lantau Peak & Sunset Peak, contour of ridge to Pak Mong - Olympic Trail back to Tung Chung)

7:45 am: 16 km (no major peaks - contour of ridge to Pak Mong - Olympic Trail back to Tung Chung)

Start& Finish Location


Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong


16km, 27km, 50km


Trail Running and Hiking




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