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14 Feb, 2016

Trail running will change you - Eco lover Shenzhen Mars Lin training MSIG SK50

Mars Lin – Mens 18 – 29 (27 yrs old) - MSIG SK50 2016 - Get inspired

Is this the first time entering MSIG SK50?
Yes it's my first time to enter this race and this is my 2nd 50km race that I will compete in.

Why are you joing the race?
Because I want to travel to Hong Kong and this MSIG event has been on my checklist or wishlist for a while? Also I enjoy the Sai Kung scenery from seeing the photos online and hearing reports about the race from others. I want to challenge myself and hope to enjoy this tough challenging event and have been training hard for it.

Training - What kind of training have you been doing and where?

I try to run roughly 3-4 times a week and each time run up to 10km in around Shenzhen on weekdays. On weekends I usually go hike and run in the nearest mountains and try to run on the trails for minimum 10km or more as sometimes as high as 30km each time for 2-3 hours on weekends.

Also I do biking roughly 3x a week minimum 30km of cycling nearby my home. And also play soccer 1x a week with friends for 2 hours so this keeps me in shape.

Food - what do you like to eat?
I don’t have any limitations on food so I eat everything. I'm always hungry.

Other races?

I'm looking forward to MSIG HK Island race also as another race on my radar.

Work Profession

I work in the Toy industry here in Shenzhen.

How did you learn about trail running?
Learned about trail running from the internet. I've learned a lot just reading so much online.

How does trail running change you?
I love mother nature much more now compared to past as I appreciate the outdoors and like being in the natural environment with family and friends. This is why I love trail running as it has changed me and made me more environmentally contious.

We wish all the best to Mars Lin in his 50km.

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