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05 Mar, 2016

8 Sprints in a row for Williams while Ixel Grabs First Men’s Win in Series

8 Sprints in a row for Williams
while Ixel Grabs First Men’s Win in Series

Race 1 – Feb 14 - 14 km – Repulse Bay
Race 2 –Mar 6 - 13 km – Discovery Bay
Race 3 – Apr 10 - 12 km – Sai Kung

March 6, 2016 Hong Kong – Taking advantage of cool, crisp, overcast-nearly perfect-running conditions, the second leg of the Bonaqua Lifeproof Action Sprint series was successfully held Sunday morning at Discovery Bay of Hong Kong Island. Many of the runners had taken part in the first round of the Sprints and this time they also showed great confidence at the beginning of the race. After fierce competition, Australian runner Vlad Ixel from The North Face stood out from the participants with an excellent record of 1 hour 18 minutes 42 seconds while Zein William from the United Kingdom became the women champion with a result of 1 hour 39 minutes 4 seconds.

Australian national HK resident Vlad Ixel, running for The North Face Team, stood out from over 300 participants by leading all along the race. He won the overall men champion with a time of 1 hour 18 minutes 42 minutes. “It was great. Good distance. Enough uphill for me to make some time on those behind me and a little technical downhill that I was happy with and finished off with running in the sea which was quite good fun. I’ll do this race and another run tonight so good v02 max workout as enjoy the hills as good workout for me as you have to go hard on your cardio so do prefer the uphills. You get to see pretty much of DB the whole way” said overall champion Ixel after grabbing the top of the podium in his 1st Bonaqua Lifeproof Action Sprint.

Next one crossing the finish line was the Italian runner Stefano Passarello from the Italian Running Club, whose record was 1 hour 23 minutes 24 seconds. Passarello was excited about his first trail race in a while and said, “my usual specialty is road running, and it is nice to try the trail running, which is a little bit different, in Discovery Bay, also where I live. I am glad to place among the top position. This experience can be the stepping-stone for my future trail races so that I can progress and become stronger and stronger. I love the focus that you must have in trail running as it is absolutely so different than road running which I do a lot as on the trails you are constantly looking at your next move and in that mind state that is so enjoyable and the whole trail community is a great environment and very social. Really looking at making a change in doing more trail races in the future”, said Passarello 2nd overall in the Men's.

Just over 1 minute later and leading in front of Passarello for a short section, Xempower team runner David Woo from the United States placed the third place in a time of 1 hour 24 minutes 47 seconds. “I really enjoy today’s run, especially the view on top of the hills of Discovery Bay. This is the first time I ran in this course, and I was impressed by its well design taking in so much. The most difficult part I think is the downhill course where I have to stop at some points. It was technical and challenging but I love challenges and the scenery along the course. I am both a roadrunner and trail runner. I really like Action Asia Events’ races.”

The popular UK national HK resident runner Zein William grabbed the first prize without doubt by finishing the race in 1 hour 39 minutes 4 seconds. It is her 8th women champion in series as she also won the opening Repulse Bay Bonaqua Lifeproof Action Sprint, but winning 8 Action Sprints in a row is quite an achievement. Williams said, “I’ve been struggling this week as a bit sick but had to do this race. It was a really good race, missed the reservoir swim, but made up near the end for a little bit dip in the sea when the course took us along the coastline. The most difficult part for me is crossing the peak of Lo Fu Tau, because it was hot and there was no wind which made it more challenging. It was a good distance, good format, and good variety! Hoping to keep it up. This is my third year for sprints events and at least 8 races in the last 2 years” , said Williams the overall Womens winner for the 8th time in a row. Who will come out in Sai Kung to give her a challenge?
Canadian Joyce Edmondson was next on the podium in a time of 1 hour 44 minutes 19 seconds, only 5 minutes after Williams. It was her first time to attend the Sprints. As a nurse, Joyce said she did keep a pretty good balance between family, work and the trails. “It is the third year in my trail running because I enjoy being outside and the scene in the mountain. I try to to get myself out for training at 5am and go swimming and  or cycling in the evening. But I always make sure my family comes first while doing all the training.” She is also looking towards the Hysan Healthy Hiking and Run. She's hoping for good luck.

Third place on the Women's podium was another Canadian Kristin Eagan finishing the race in 1 hour 58 minutes 3 seconds. “The race has very beautiful sightseeing. I really enjoy the race. Loved the hills" said 3rd overall Eagan”

The series could not happen without the kind support of Bonaqua, Lifeproof, Action X Store, HOKA One One, C3fit, Salonpas, Aquarius, HKRI, Royale International, Ocean Potion, OL&N, Pearl’s, Herbalgy, Socam, Rocktape and the Action Asia Foundation. AND A HUGE THANKS TO all the staff, course marshals, volunteers and so many others that had no sleep the last couple days putting this great event together.

Bonaqua LIFEPROOF Action Sprint Run – Discovery Bay

Overall Top 5 Men

Name – Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Time
1. Vlad Ixel - Australia - The North Face- 1:18:42
2. Stefano Passarello - Italy - Italian Running Club- 1:23:24
3. David Woo - United States - Xempower - 1:24:47
4. Seth Fischer - Germany - 1:27:32
5. Michal Francke - Czech Republic – Zizkovsky tygri - 1:27:35

Overall Top 5 Women

Name – Nationality - Team/Sponsor - Time
1. Zein Williams - United Kingdom - Raidlight - 1:39:04
2. Joyce Edmondson - Canada - 1:44:19
3. Kristin Eagan - Canada - 1:58:03
4. Jinko Takeshige - Japan - 1:59:03
5. Manson Peters - Netherlands - 2:01:55

Race Information
Event Name    Bonaqua LIFEPROOF Action Sprint RUN - Discovery Bay
Date    March 6, 2016 (Sunday)
Start Time    8:00 am
Start & Finish Location    
Discovery Bay South Plaza, Lantau, Hong Kong
Distance    13 km
Category    Trail Running and Hiking
Website    www.actionasiaevents.com

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