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28 Nov, 2017

Malaysian Lintangga looking for hills on Lantau 50

I did my usual training but with a lot of climbing - MSIG Lantau 50 - Adelinah Lintangga 

1. Is it your first time participating in MSIG Lantau 50 - Asian Skyrunning Championships, how do you feel?

This is my first time participating in MSIG Lantau 50 - Asian Skyrunning Championships and I feel very excited to be among participant at the starting line together with other fellow runners.

2. Why did you decide to participate in this race?

As a runner myself, I love to take a new challenge and competing with top runners.

3. What do you find most challenging about this race? For example, the weather or the course?

This is also my first time running in Hongkong and the course also challenging but for me the weather give a lot of challenge because where I came from is known with heat but Hongkong is very cold right now. Hope I can overcome this.

4. The race is approaching, how’s your preparation going?

As the race approching, I did my usual training but with a lot of climbing since this race will involved with lot of climbing as it is Asian Skyrunning Championship event. I also study the route and elevation profile so that I know what I will deal it during the race.

5. What would you do to deal with the challenges and difficulties while racing?

Usually as my race before, I deal it base on situation during the race. Mental also playing part to success.

6. Compared to the trail running in Malaysia, what is your expectation for 2017 MSIG Lantau 50 - Asian Skyrunning Championship?

As in Malaysia, most of trail running need to deal with heat condition but for this 2017 MSIG Lantau 50 I expecting cold situation effecting a little bit. For elevation, in Malaysia especially in Sabah we do a lot of climbing training because we can train at Mount Kinabalu.

7. As an experienced trail runner, could you share some running tips to the beginners? For example, like pre-race meal plan or training…
Practice nutrition strategy during training So you A comfortable with your routine.
Go easy with your run in early part of race so your body can acclimitize the situation. Study your route and elevation profile a that you can expect what you will going through during event. Train for the race as what you will encounter. If a lot elevation then you need.

All the best to Adelinah Lintangga from the Malaysian team.




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